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2019 - Denver/Oakland Decriminalize
2019 - Congressional Hearing on De-Scheduling
2020 - Oregon passes a medical MJ-type magic mushroom law
2020 – Magic mushrooms as medicine are mentioned in a presidential debate for first time on planet earth
2021 – The first “legal” mushroom treatment occurs in Oregon
2022 (spring) - Trump takes psychedelics for first time
2022 (fall) - Trump denounces racism, hate, and implements legislation that.....

Imagine the possibilities. For the second time in human history, a biomass-based medicine with a long therapeutic history has been denied to humans for a brief time and almost forgotten thanks to the United States government. But thanks to a group of brave and sometimes greedy (at least in the cannabis space) “black-market” entrepreneurs, the knowledge, genetics, history, etc. have been siloed for the current generation to bring back thanks to the efforts of advocates leading the charge in legalization and decriminalization.

It’s time to bring out of the shadows the conversations and networks and meet one another. If you are interested in any of the following, you are welcome to attend and start meeting folks one person at a time. Now is the time to build these networks (the mycelium metaphor is not lost here for sure)

The first step to an emerging market is for those that care to meet and know each other. Come by for a coffee and a conversation.

Potential topics for conversation:

1. Exchange of ideas/experiences/etc. about mushrooms, DMT, mescaline. Even if you have no direct experience in the space, we can share the success stories of our friends and family. It is the testimonials of those that we care about that will change the world just like medical marijuana stories. It didn’t take long for conservative rednecks to change their opinions in the flyover states because they heard a story about their neighbor’s cousin quitting opiates thanks to cannabis. We must do the same story telling with psychedelics. Here these stories and then go tell your friends and family. This is how change happens. Through influence. One person at a time.

2. Plans to push for decriminalization in our home towns (Eugene/Springfield). How does one put a mushroom decriminalization law before a local city council?

3. What does the future of legalization look in Oregon? Learn about potential business opportunities post-legalization.

4. Has the industry already been taken over by big-money interests? Is there a place for the lone entrepreneur?

5. What is the peer-reviewed research saying about microdosing mushrooms and how far off is this treatment for Oregonians?

6. How do I get into the industry once the ballot measure passes?

7. What’s the metaphor from cannabis? Where does it fall short?

8. What are advocates and entrepreneurs doing now in anticipation?

This event is organized by retired attorney Mike Arnold. Read more about him and his public interests in the mushroom space here and the lessons learned from cannabis startups: www.SiloWellness.com. Mike led the charge in his home state of Missouri for medical marijuana in 2017 by setting up entrepreneurial educational seminars before anyone even believed that it would pass in the fall of 2018. He plans to continue those free educational opportunities in Oregon to help jumpstart a new industry. His current passion lies in developing metered-dosing solutions for mushrooms, DMT, and mescaline in order to bring this amazing treatment to those scared off by the stigma of plants in their raw form. Read about his efforts in the psychedelic patent space here: www.SiloWellness.com

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