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Reconstructing the religion of the Arch-Heathens can mean different things to different people in modern times. In this group, we discuss the history of pre-Christian Europe and how the modern-day pagan might carry on the social and religious traditions today. Our purpose is to provide Heathens in and around Lane County, Oregon a means for networking and to discuss the differences and similarities between us in hearthcult, tribal thew, and interpretations of scholarly sources as modern polytheists. Beginners, long-time practitioners and interested umbrella pagans are encouraged to engage in civil conversation and to extend your best self to enriching American Heathenry.

Looking for a historically accurate take on pagan practices? Most meetups are centered around a topic that is important to the Heathen worldview, and will usually provide source materials for study. Welcome to Heathenry for the studious Heathen!

The majority of our meetings take place in the Eugene and Springfield areas, but occasionally we meet in other cities within Lane County and sometimes in other regions of Oregon. If you have a request for a meetup in your area, please feel free to contact the organizer!

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Lunch in Yachats

Yachats Brewing + Farmstore

Calling all coastal Heathens! Let's celebrate spring by the beach - open discussion and meet and greet afternoon.

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Ritual Drama: What Moves Us in Sacred Space?

Viking Braggot Company Southtowne

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