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Daniel Rosenberg Talks About User Interaction Design Experience (UX)


User Experience 101 - Demystifying life-and-death business, engineering and design strategy decisions. Do you know where the landmines are?

Daniel Rosenberg, one of the founders of the human-computer interaction (HCI) field, will distill his 33 years of user interaction design experience (UX) into a simple framework that can explained in 45 minutes. The talk will be followed by a 30 minute Q&A session with the audience.

Daniel Rosenberg is currently the Chief Design Officer (CDO) for rCDO LLC, a UX strategy consulting firm serving C level executives and industry UX leaders in defining competitive design strategies and executing them. His clients include both startups and publically held companies in the medical, consumer, and enterprise software areas.

Prior to founding rCDO UX, Rosenberg was the Senior Vice President at SAP for 7 years. In this capacity he directed user experience design and usability activities across all SAP product lines. Prior to joining SAP he was Vice President of R&D for UI Design at Oracle Corporation. Previous corporate positions included the role of User Interface Architect for Borland International and Ashton-Tate. While at Borland he designed the first Windows GUI for Borland C++ as well as many other early innovative product user interfaces for personal computers.

Rosenberg has authored or co-authored many well known publications in the HCI field, including “Human Factors in Product Design” (Elsevier 1991), as well as chapters in the original “Handbook of Human Computer Interaction” (Elsevier 1988), “Coordinating User Interfaces for Consistency” (Academic Press 1989) and “Usability in Practice” (Academic Press 1994). He was one of the founding editors of ACM’s NetWorker magazine and has been serving on the advisory board of for the past 3 years.

Register at the Langara Continuing Studies registration ( or online ( for free. Walk-ins are welcome, but space is limited. Auditorium A130 (Google Map (,-123.10755&spn=0.000028,0.021136&sll=49.224904,-123.108448&gl=ca&view=map&cid=5214010622735527782&hq=100+west+49th+avenue+vancouver+bc+canada+v5y+2z6&t=m&z=16&layer=c&cbll=49.225366,-123.10755&panoid=Nqma6EjlDdMh_mY4XmGdBQ&cbp=12,191.97,,0,-1.01)) is between the Continuing Studies registration desk and cafeteria in Building A.

After the event, members can head over to Roots Cafe (6502 Main Street) for beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and networking.

100 West 49th Ave. · Vancouver, BC
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