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    It's about consciousness, spirituality. I am not religious, nor do I follow any particular religion. Because love is the universal religion that the world has been waiting to realize. So while certain principles from certain religions may apply, all religions, and no religion, has a place within consciousness. This group is about looking at the bigger picture, not just one version of the bigger picture from a single religion. It's about the entire picture, and how we can, not just through reading and watching film, but also through direct experience, understand the world we live in, and how to make our lives the best we possibly can while we are here. It's about spirituality, enlightenment, empowerment, love, compassion, heart intelligence, and living to our highest excitement. It's also about, the problems we face in the world today, and the conditioning of the mind, that society has imposed upon us, and recognizing that conditioning so we can change ourselves.

    This group is for anyone that has had enough suffering and wants to live a healthier, more positive lifestyle. It is also for anyone who has had, or is going through a spiritual awakening. I would like to have regular meet ups for many different events. First, we can have intellectual conversations, talk about the state of the world, and come up with creative solutions on what we can do in our personal lives to make a difference, and live by example. Second, we can talk about the symptoms of spiritual awakening, the diminishing of the ego, the changes to the human nervous system as new energy floods through the body, and how to handle those changes in a safe manner. Third, we can talk about any issues that may be bothering you in your life, with others, or problems at work or dreams you wish to follow. We can talk about how you create your own reality. Fourth, we can become friends, and do conscious things together, going out into nature, watching a good documentary, or seeing a good movie, and just get together and enjoy each others company, there are no expectations, you have nothing to prove, so we can relax, and make new friends. So this group is for anyone wishing to make a change in their life, anyone wishing to be empowered, looking for friends, and standing up for what you believe in. It is important now, that humanity as a whole comes together to create a world of peace, based in love, not fear. We can only do this, by individually changing ourselves, by letting go of all that is not true to us. This group recognizes that in you, and can help you learn how it's possible. I look forward to meeting you :)

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