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What we’re about

WELCOME, BIENVENIDOS to the oldest, most international, crowded and active Meetup group in Madrid!

NEWBIES -a lot every week- ARE ESPECIALLY WELCOME to our FREE Language Exchange Meetups, Nuevos participantes -muchos cada semana-, especialmente BIENVENIDOS,

International friendly people in Madrid meeting EVERY WEEK, lots of participants TODAS LAS SEMANAS en Beer Station, cuesta de Santo Domingo 22 (metro Callao o Santo Domingo):

  • Jueves, Thursdays: 22h
    Domingos, Sundays: 19:30h


PERO si prefieres participar además en un grupo reducido de conversación, en una mesa dirigida por un profesor nativo, únete también a estos Meetups, previos al intercambio de idiomas:

ALSO: SUBTITLED & DISCOUNTED MOVIES: Si te gusta el cine y quieres practicar el listening yendo al cine con descuentos y con bebida gratis después de la peli, join our grupo "hermano" Subtiled Movies in Madrid (Cine V.O.)
Y MÁS: in week-ends and vacations, we practise English and Spanish in fun and very unexpensive trips & hikes con nuestro grupo internacional, cada día más y más numeroso:

So these 4 groups (international encounters & intercambios, subtitled movies, convo classes and trips & hikes) are the key to enjoy the most social and international Madrid, have fun and make new friends from all over the world! ¡Somos gente de todo el mundo en Madrid, únete a nuestro grupo de gente internacional! We like to practise English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic... with nice people from all over the world living or visiting Madrid.
¡Todas las nacionalidades, todas las edades son bienvenidas!


Everyone is welcome, even if you speak just 1 language, as you probably will find someone who wants to learn it. We're a lot, regulars and newbies, every meetup many newcomers show up!
The group calendar don't show all the meetups so that you don't get fed up with many notifications, so remember that we meet EVERY Thursday and Sunday! You can check it all on
Don't stay home and join us, the sooner the better!

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