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WELCOME, BIENVENIDOS to the oldest, most international, crowded and active Meetup group in Madrid!

NEWBIES -a lot every week- ARE ESPECIALLY WELCOME to our FREE Language Exchange Meetups, Nuevos participantes -muchos cada semana-, especialmente BIENVENIDOS,

International friendly people in Madrid meeting EVERY WEEK, lots of participants TODAS LAS SEMANAS:

Martes, Tuesdays: 22h, El Parnasillo del Príncipe, Príncipe 33, (metro Antón Martín).

Jueves, Thursdays: 22h, Beer Station, cuesta de Santo Domingo 22 (metro Callao o Santo Domingo).

Viernes, Fridays: Cinema (subtitled movies discounted for us) and 22h at El Parnasillo del Príncipe

Domingos, Sundays: 19h, Beer Station.


PERO si prefieres participar además en un grupo reducido de conversación, en una mesa dirigida por un profesor nativo, únete también a estos Meetups, previos al intercambio de idiomas: http://www.meetup.com/International-Friends-and-Languages/

ALSO: SUBTITLED & DISCOUNTED MOVIES: Si te gusta el cine y quieres practicar el listening yendo al cine con descuentos y con bebida gratis después de la peli, join our grupo "hermano" Subtiled Movies in Madrid (Cine V.O.) (http://www.meetup.com/Cine-VO-Madrid/)

Y MÁS: in week-ends and vacations, we practise English and Spanish in fun and very unexpensive trips & hikes con nuestro grupo internacional, cada día más y más numeroso: http://www.meetup.com/English-Spanish-Trips-Hikes-from-Madrid/

So these 4 groups (international encounters & intercambios, subtitled movies, convo classes and trips & hikes) are the key to enjoy the most social and international Madrid, have fun and make new friends from all over the world! ¡Somos gente de todo el mundo en Madrid, únete a nuestro grupo de gente internacional! We like to practise English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic... with nice people from all over the world living or visiting Madrid.

¡Todas las nacionalidades, todas las edades son bienvenidas!


Everyone is welcome, even if you speak just 1 language, as you probably will find someone who wants to learn it. We're a lot, regulars and newbies, every meetup many newcomers show up!

The group calendar don't show all the meetups so that you don't get fed up with many notifications, so remember that we meet EVERY Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday! You can check it all on


Don't stay home and join us, the sooner the better!

Upcoming events (5+)

Tuesdays Language Exchange

El Parnasillo del Principe

Meet amigos de todo el mundo EVERY Tuesday! We practise Spanish, English and many other languages for free because we're A LOT of participants EVERY WEEK. Y cada semana, many newcomers, don't be shy and join the group! Virtualmente: aquí (Meetup) o en www.multilinkual.com , the best language exchange community in Madrid. Whatever you see on the "Attending" list, we're a lot of participants every week but most of the people don't mark the RSVP... :-( See you at these Multilinkual Meetups in El Parnasillo del Príncipe every Tuesday, all year long. MUCHOS PARTICIPANTES cada semana, and always many newcomers join. Please mark "Yes" on the RSVP and join us. Have a look to this fb album: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151513611601706&set=a.10151344737476706.1073741827.514481705&type=3&theater

Thursdays Language Exchange

Location visible to members

¡Bienvenido a nuestros encuentros para practicar idiomas gratis con gente de todo el mundo en Madrid, todas las semana, EVERY WEEK! We are more and more, join us next time to practise Spanish and other languages in the most fun and international way. Free, as usual (and we got reduced prices IF we want to buy drinks, there's no obligation to buy anything). Every week there are newcomers and they are especially welcome, join us you too!

Fridays Language Exchange, Viernes de Intercambio

El Parnasillo del Principe

Start the week-ends in Madrid the best way, making international friends from all over the world and practising languages for free! All nationalities, all ages are welcome! ¡Empieza tus fines de semana en Madrid de la mejor manera posible conociendo gente simpática de todo el mundo y todas las edades practicando idiomas gratis! We meet every Friday from 10pm onwards. Quedamos cada viernes a partir de las 10pm. Newbies every week, join the group, nuevos participantes cada semana! Before, you can also join the moviegoers group (https://www.meetup.com/Cine-VO-Madrid/) to watch subtitled movies. We get discounts in the theater and a free drink at the pub with our used movie tickets. Puedes unirte antes si quieres al grupo del cine (https://www.meetup.com/Cine-VO-Madrid/), para ver películas en v.o. subtituladas, a precio especial y con una bebida gratis al canjear la entrada en el pub.

Sunday Tarde-Noche Intercambio Meetup

Beer Station

Nos vemos cada domingo en un nuevo meetup semanal, join us at the Spanish-English Sunday Meetup in the heart of Madrid and meet new international friendly people in town mientras practicas español (e inglés y otros idiomas), every Sunday from 7pm! ¡¡¡No te quedes en casa las tardes de domingo, esto es Madrid!!! Always a mix of newcomers and regular people, and newbies are especially welcome, don't stay home on Sunday!!! Of course, it's gratis, free!!! and we got again reduced prices for us on drinks and food (in case you want to buy something, we're not obliged at all!) We're always a lot of people... but most of them don't mark the RSVP, please do it preferably saying Yes.... :))

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Sunday Tarde-Noche Intercambio Meetup

Beer Station

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