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What is Language IRL?

Language IRL is language learning…in real life!

We create rich, guided, real world language learning experiences, from beginner Spanish conversation at a café, to bowling in Mandarin, to a guided tour of Italy!

Why learn a language?

In a word: connectivity.

Language connects us. Not just mentally, but emotionally, too. They say people may not remember what you said, but they’ll remember how you made them feel.

Think about how ‘romantic’ French is, how impressed your date will be when you order in Italian, or how welcome your new Japanese clients will feel when you greet them with ‘konnichiwa’!

How good can a ‘hello’, ‘thank you’, or ‘I love you’ feel?

Language is your bridge to hearts and minds, anywhere in the world. Language attracts friendship, partnership, and love!

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Spanish & Coffee (beginners welcome!)

Benelux Coffee

How to Learn Any Language

Panera Bread

Spanish & Coffee (beginners welcome!)

Benelux Coffee


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