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We invite artists and creative types interested in participating in co-working space. We will hold think-tank, small business related topics for artists and creative types.

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Make a Table Runner with Alicia Ruley-Nock

Utility Works

This is the first day of a 2-day beginner class on basic quilting and straight sewing techniques. During the 2-day class, you will learn to piece fabric, make your table runner top, sandwich top, batting and backing, quilt all of the layers together, and finally add binding to complete your project. Registration required at https://utility.works/art-classes/

Make Cluster Earrings on Sterling Silver Ear Wires with Liz Coats

Registration is required at https://utility.works/art-classes/ Liz Coats is an art teacher, sculptor, jeweler and mixed media workshop director who has a passion for a variety of artistic media. As a creator, an arts advocator, an art festival organizer, and a mother, these different hats have allowed for her artwork to take flight in several directions. Her background in liturgical dance and music has had a tremendous influence on the fluidity and feminine curvature of her work. Education: B.S. in Art Education from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Masters in Art Education from Tyler School of Art, Temple University.

Intuitive Acrylic Painting Workshop with Colleen Brand

Registration required at https://utility.works/art-classes/ The Intuitive Acrylic Painting Workshop is a liberating experience suitable for all levels. This workshop offers a variety of new techniques and painting departures to energize your paintings and your life! We will experiment with layering colors, adding texture, mark-making, and dripping paints. We will explore a series of artistic prompts and exercises to allow you to release intuitive energy and by-pass self criticism. We will approach our paintings by continually asking questions, yet allowing ourselves to explore. Join us for this brave adventure of expressive acrylic painting.

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