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Intoduction to Test-Driven Development with Laravel

This Meetup is past

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This will be the kickstart of our new series TDD in Laravel.


> Raymund Enso

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> What is TDD?

> Implementing TDD suggested by Adam Wathan

* What to build first?

- put emphasis why this feature is a priority

* What to test first?

- detail the task step by step

- figure out what is the easiest step

* How to setup the test environment?

- folders setup

- setup phpunit.xml for test

- use DatabaseMigration

- how to create a test file

* What is the mindset for creating a test?

- Arrange = preparing necessary stuffs for the test

- Act = the code is running

- Assert = check if test outcome was meet

* Step by step guide for green

* Wishful thinking for Refactoring

- What is wishful thinking programming

- How to use wishful thinking when Refactoring