Finally: another Laravel Meetup

Laravel Vienna Meetup
Laravel Vienna Meetup
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We organize another Laravel Meetup!

Please use the comment section if you have some input or would like to present. It could be a library, project, concept, etc.

We enjoy to see some code, so please feel free to make a hands-on session as well!


• (Short) Introduction to Laravel and how to get into it. - Florian
Florian is Founder and Technical Head of Moonshiner, an Development Agency focusing on Rapid Development with Offices in Vienna, Zagreb and Chandigargh.

• An approach to handle Content Management in Laravel - Fabian
Fabian is a Fullstack Developer at Moonshiner with a Fullstack of Laravel, Android and all those fancy Javascript Frameworks.

• Practical Introduction to Jigsaw - Gerald
Gerald Bauer ( ) studied at the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien and has worked for Google, Apple, and others overseas and now lives in the Wagram hills in the Weinviertel and is an enthusiastic collector of football and beer data. Skills include PHP, SQLite and HTML.

• The beauty of Laravel's notification system and how it helped me to create my first Laravel package - Christoph
Christoph Rumpel is a passionate PHP developer and Laravel artisan working for the Liechtenecker Innovation Lab here in Vienna.

The schedule is packed for this event, please tell us if you are interested in presenting something and we will put you on stage the next time!


Ubahn Station Stephanslatz (U1, U3) - Exit Kärtnerstraße. 2min from there.