Laravel Meetup (September)

Laravel Vienna Meetup
Laravel Vienna Meetup
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Hello Everybody,

the next Meetup will happen at the office of our fellow artisans of LinkResearchTools, join us for a great evening with a lot of things to talk about!

We are still looking for talks and topics, so please feel free to contact me!


Building the right thing with TDD using Laravel
Bojan Bedrač
Test driven development brings a lot of benefits, but is usually hard for beginners to start or do the right way. Laravel is built with testing in mind, but how to really start the work off in a test driven way to build the right thing the right way? We’ll focus on how to start working using TDD from the beginning. Which tests to write first and what to test. We’ll also touch how to write good tests and how to decouple from the framework.

What's new in Laravel 5.5 - A practical introduction
Christoph Rumpel
At this years Laracon EU Taylor Otwell introduced and released Laravel 5.5. I had the pleasure to be there and I want to share with you all the cool stuff from the new version.

Ubahn Station VIC (U1) - 5min from there.