• What's happening in the Laravel community?

    Jobilla HQ

    In the after-vibes of #LaraconEU2017, Laravel Helsinki Meetup Group is coming back to life finally! This will be a laid back afterwork event as usual, some drinks and snacks will be sponsored by Jobilla. Talks confirmed so far: * ~17:15 : What's new in Laravel 5.5 (Antti Rössi, CTO @Jobilla) * ~17:45 : DTO Pattern in Laravel APIs (Sander Kiloman, Senior Architect @Jobilla) * ~18:15 : You? If you have an idea for a talk, feel an urge to sponsor the event, or just want to have a chat - contact the meetup's organisers ASAP. We'll host a stream (better than the last time..), if there are people from non-central area who'd like to participate.

  • Laravel Helsinki's 2nd gathering

    Finternet HQ

    Laravel Helsinki finally gathers after a summer break @FG's new office premises in Kalasatama. This meetup's topics will range from automated testing with Laravel to functional programming style via Laravel Collections, and perhaps even something regarding microservices achitecture & Lumen. More details about the presentations will be announced closer to the meetup's date. As usual, light snacks & drinks will be available. Prepare for highly technical presentations & discussions. If you'd like to participate in the Laravel Helsinki community & our upcoming meetups more, please request the organisers for an invite to LaraHel Slack channel & join our Github group @github.com/larahel. Confirmed presentations so far: 1. Ville Glad - Testing on Laravel Laravel provides custom assertions for PHPUnit tests. Especially integration (or functional whatever you might want to call it) testing is made easy. I will show some examples of testing on different levels in an application and show a demo of how custom assertions of Laravel makes testing enjoyable. 2. Hung Nguyen - Laravel Collection // more details coming 3. You?

  • Laravel Meetup - Opening

    Finternet HQ

    Welcome to the first Laravel Helsinki Meetup ever! This meetup will be hosted in Finternet's HQ @Hernesaari Helsinki. Finternet will provide some light snacks & beverages for the attendees. This first meetup will consist of quick introduction to Laravel Framework, and couple of more in-depth presentations about the philosophy & some of the core concepts in the framework. More details about the presentations might be announced closer to the meetup date. If you'd be interested in giving a presentation at the meetup, please contact the organiser - we'd be more than happy to see as many new faces as possible on the stage. The meetup in general will be a laid-back afterwork session, which consists of some soda/beer + nerdy presentations & discussions about Laravel & PHP MVC web development // other relevant topics. Atmosphere will be highly development oriented, and code / project examples will be all around the place. Laravel Helsinki is a meetup group formed by Laravel enthusiasts, operating in central Helsinki area.