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Manchester has been missing a Laravel meetup for a while now and with the recent roaring success of the first Laravel Live UK, we felt it was high time for the Laravel community in the north to get together and share knowledge and experience. 🙌

Welcome to the Laravel Manchester Meetup!

Laravel Manchester and Laravel Northwest have joined forces to create one meetup in Manchester. We're really fortunate that UKFast are going to be our regular host but we welcome anyone who wants to sponsor and/or host any future meetups.

We're on the hunt for speakers. If you're interested in doing a talk please start a discussion or get in touch with Adam, Neil, or Gavin.

Want to chat before or after the meetups? We've hooked up with LaravelUK (https://laravelphp.uk) and we've got our own slack channel (https://laraveluk.slack.com/messages/manchester-meetup).

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Laravel Mcr September Meetup

Needs a location

Laravel Manchester August Meetup

Needs a location

Laravel Manchester Meetup

Needs a location

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