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This is a group for anyone who is interested in learning more about Full Stack Web Development with the Laravel Framework. Everyone is welcome! We will have monthly meetups with a new guest speaker and topic every month. Bring your friends and join us on Slack: https://laravelstl.com/slack (https://t.co/FhWOaB7f9i?amp=1)

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LaravelSTL Lightning Tips and Holiday Party

Share your best Laravel Tip with the group and then enjoy our Holiday Party! Agenda: 5:30 : Welcome & Introductions 5:40 : Lightning Talks - Laravel Tips and Tricks 6:30 or After Lightning Talks : Holiday Party!!! --- Welcome & Introductions --- Each attendee will have the opportunity to give a quick introduction. Let's get to know each other! --- Lightning Talks - Laravel Tips and Tricks (All Attendees Can Share) --- Instead of our normal format of a Q&A followed by an hour long session, we are going to open the floor to everyone. What's your favorite thing about Laravel? What's a really tough problem you've solved really easily with Laravel? What's your secret sauce when writing Laravel Apps? All are welcome to give a short (less than 10 minutes) talk about Laravel. Just keep it clean and related to Laravel. We can have as many speakers as we can fit in before 6:30pm. Confirmed speakers: Kevin McKee, Patrick Stephan (message us if you want to share) --- Holiday Party --- We are still working out the details, but we want everyone to have a chance to hang out and meet your fellow artisans. Watch this space for more information. Also, don't forget to join our Slack channel (https://laravelstl.com/slack) so you can network and get help in between monthly meetups.

Laravel Best Practices


Session Details Coming Soon... Agenda: 5:30 : Welcome & Introductions 5:45 : Session - Shawn Jones 6:45 : Networking / Pair Programming --- Welcome & Introductions --- We will introduce the co-founders of the group, Kevin McKee and Patrick Stephan, and go over some housekeeping items. This will only take a few minutes. --- Session - Shawn Jones --- Session Details Coming Soon... --- Networking / Pair Programming --- After the talk is over, we can use this space for networking and / or pair programming with other developers. Our goal is to have this one evening every month for Laravel developers to meet and help each other. Also, don't forget to join our Slack channel (https://laravelstl.slack.com) so you can network and get help in between monthly meetups.

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Building a Basic Laravel App - Continued

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