Meetup #3, hosted by Nectima

Laravel Stockholm
Laravel Stockholm
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It's been a long time since we had our last meetup, but now we have a venue and a date for the next one! Nectima ( will be our hosts and will provide food and drinks.

Laravel 5.5 is about to be released and a lot has happened since we had our previous meetup. At the moment there aren't any planned talks, send me your suggestions of topics to discuss or your proposal for a talk! I'll update the event later when we have speakers.


Doors open, welcome. Food, drinks & mingle.

Short introduction by Nectima

Developers are users too, by Leo Sjöberg (

"When we build an application, we build it for our users – the ones paying for our application, the ones that interact with it. However, we often forget that the ones interacting with our application the most is another group of users – our own colleagues, developers. We'll discuss how building a good UX isn't all button placement and using the right contextual colours, but how it also means catering to the developers on your project, and how we can use Laravel's logging system, internal documentation and commit messages to make everyone on our team happier, and deliver faster. We'll also look at some of the pitfalls that can confuse a new developer who's joining your team, and the simple ways in which we can work around it to make both onboarding and development a better, more enjoyable experience."

Building your translation process, by Tobias Nyholm (

"The Translator component is the one you learned how to use in 5 minutes and you have not thought much about it since. It just sits there in almost every project and just works. That is great, that is what a great component should do.

The tricky part is how you build your development processes to work together with the translation process. You will start to notice problems when you have 4 or more languages. What other tools and services should you use? And how do you teach external translators to edit xliff files? Of course your should not force XML on non-developers.

Taking the experiences learned from JMSTranslationBundle, Happyr’s translation bundles and the PHP-Translation organization; I will give you example of a few very concrete processes working with translations in a Symfony environment."