Fractally scaled agile product delivery at idealo - what's next?

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idealo considers itself (for most of the business units) as an agile company. The product development (Business Unit Product & Technology) made a huge step in the direction of fractally scaled delivery units in 2016 and 2017. That was a giant leap to create autonomy for the delivery units and helped us to gain speed and impact in the market.
Two years down the line the product development units untangled most of the technical dependencies which makes it far easier to deliver value all the time.

Having achieved that raises new questions. How do we achieve focus and thus impact across multiple product delivery units? And how do we create alignment for high relevance topics that currently cannot be delivered by one product delivery unit by itself? How do we quickly deliver value if a major product change affects other business units besides product and technology?

In this experience report Stefan is going to deliver insights on how idealo is currently aiming for high alignment and focus while trying to keep the autonomy of every unit of the company intact.
Since we are still working on that (and we might always be) there are still questions unanswered. Maybe the attendees have ideas on what the next steps might be.

About Stefan
Stefan believes in a humane global economy. For years he has been working on this mission as Scrum, Kanban and Management Consultant as well as an Agile Coach. The Theory of Constraints is his great passion. Currently his role is Lead Agile Coach at idealo. Together with a colleague he is in double leadership for a team of Agile Coaches at idealos product development.