What we're about

We want to create a community of LeSS practitioners and interested people, with deep learning about LeSS to enable people to succeed with their LeSS adoptions and increase interest in LeSS.

One intention is, that practitioners share insights how they do LeSS and tell stories what they did and what worked or worked not for them. Besides that, we will dig deep into certain aspects of the LeSS framework.

We love to have some different session types like a fireside chat, workshops, talks, LeSS-related games or even a company visit.

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Planning for large groups - with Elad Sofer (CLT)

Planning is hard enough when done by a single team, it becomes significantly harder when dealing with multi-team products. In this session we shall explore the meaning of planning for large groups, will challenge some of the common assumptions of how planning is done, and try to understand how it can be done more effectively.

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Why Product Owners fail and how to avoid that

Valtech GmbH

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