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What we’re about

Twin Cities LeSS offers agile practitioners, and those curious about learning, an open space where they can co-create a learning community. We are focused on learning ways we can live and work guided by the principles while learning how to apply useful techniques that enable iterative product development.

LeSS Twin Cities is a free group that allows us to develop techniques and “muscle memory” that characterize a learning organization by sharing experiments and stories; celebrating successes + failures together.

We are especially focused on community learning in the areas of:

  • Enabling iterative product development with Scrum
  • De-scaling and Organizational Design in service of adaptiveness
  • Empirical Process Controls
  • System Optimization and Organizational Agility
  • Reducing Waste
  • Lean and Systems Thinking

While this is a free group, it does cost around $40 per month to pay for the Meet Up and Zoom accounts. We invite our members to make a $2 donation (the minimum) as this will keep our space affordable to everyone. Once we reach our annul costs, we will turn off the donations button letting everyone know we reached our goal and to not over collect donations.