Welcome Back!: Tracing Local Optimizations throughout the System

This is a past event

30 people went


First of all, please allow me to greet everyone warmly and welcome back from a long period dormancy:).

Hopefully, we can resurrect as a group and have some more great events together. This group also grew significantly over the last few months, and now exceeds 1000 people (still the largest and original LeSS meetup globally ;) ).

We were able to secure a great place in the heart of midtown-Manhattan, at 245 Park Ave (corner of 47th street). The hosting company is an international financial institution Rabobank, where organizational agility gets embraced daily, by more and more people.

This meetup up's topic will be "Tracing Local Optimizations throughout the System" - and it is based on collection of a long array of questions and discussions with various meetup members, over the last few months. This also happens a huge area of focus in LeSS.

Since we have not met for a while, there will be a bit of 'meet and greet' at the beginning as well. :)

We shall attempt to trace and correlate local optimization in:
-team structure
-titles, roles and responsibilities
-individual behaviors
-organizational design/silos
-organizational norms and policies

Of course, we shall apply a lot of System Thinking to do the above, and maybe will get to use some simple system modelling techniques.

Hope, to see many of you there.