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What we’re about

The Scrum guide describes Scrum for a single team. When doing Scrum with multiple teams, lots of new questions pop up. This is the meetup to ask these questions, discuss & understand the underlying system dynamics and come up with improvement experiments to try out and learn from.

For whom: This meetup is for interested agile coaches, scrum masters, trainers, managers, developers and everyone else who is interested in multi-team Scrum.

Our foundations: One important foundation for our discussions is the agile framework "LeSS" (Large Scale Scrum). From it we take many thinking and coaching tools that we practice and discuss. Another important source of ideas will be the companies in Nürnberg/Fürth/Erlangen who are improving continuously with experiments and are willing to share their findings with us.

Some of the more concrete questions that we tackle:

- How broad or narrow should we define the product? What consequences does this have? - How do you start a new Scrum adoption in a multi-team environment? All at once or gradually?

- What are some effective techniques to understand complex relationships in large product organisations?

- How many product backlogs do you need? What are the consequences of these choices?

- When do you need cross-functional teams? How can you get there step-by-step?

- What is required in an organization to achieve adaptability (agile) and focus on highest value

- What are some effective tools to facilitate retrospectives in multi-team settings?

- And many many more

We believe that for most of these questions there are no right or wrong answers, because every context has its own special aspects. Our main goal is to collaboratively understand the underlying dynamics more deeply, get ideas for experiments that can be tried and learn from experiments that others have already tried.