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The “Largest Drum Circle in the World” is an annual global event created to connect those who move toward unity and can envision life on a peaceful planet. Our intention is to find drummers and non-drummers from around the world who have hope for humanity and who love one another.

We believe that the world will change through the efforts of many. We support those individuals and organizations who create any form of positive change on this planet.

This year's global event is occurring on Saturday October 1. 2016 over a 24 hour period of time.

Here is a video describing the Largest Drum Circle in the World.

The Largest Drum Circle in the World is all inclusive. Drummers and non-drummers around the world are invited to join together in drumming for peace on earth and basic human rights for all.

Reasons for joining this circle may include:

- Connect with others around the world who want to see any form of positive change on our planet
- Have fun and make new friends
- Be part of something of huge
- Bring attention to a specific cause that is important to your local community or our global community
- Send your positive intent to the earth and to people around the world

How to participate in this circle if you are a drummer:

- drummers, facilitators and community drum circle organizers may choose to plan and host drum circles on Saturday October 1, 2016
- we can create a page on this website for anyone who wants to promote their drum circle here
- drum circles can occur at any time of day or night on Saturday October 1, 2016

- drum circles can follow any format and occur for any length of time
- hosts can consider collecting donations to support specific causes or to pay for their events
- hosts can consider asking their group of drummers to drum the heartbeat rhythm for a few minutes
- those who cannot plan or host events can still participate by drumming as individuals at their
convenience. You will be part of the global circle whether you drum alone or with your community

How to participate in this circle if you are a non-drummer:

- Gather your friends, neighbors and relatives together and have a celebration that you design
- Take a few minutes to connect with others around the world who are drumming
- You may do this by asking your group to hold an intent for peace
- You and your group may do this by focusing on your heartbeat for a few minutes and feeling your
connection to others in this way
- As an individual 'drummer' you may choose to sit alone and align your intent with ours
- You may choose to gather with your immediate family and discuss your thoughts about community
- Consider asking your coworkers to join you in holding positive thoughts for our planet
- Kids might want to involve their school populations and get huge circles 'drumming' in school yards
- Consider making your own drums or clapping your hands or stamping your feet or using your voice

When you do decide to create your event please schedule a Meetup date on this website for all to see when and where it will happen in your country.

You can Contact me at: arthur@Largest-Drum-Circle-in-the-World.com

Join our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/drumwithus/

Thank You, Arthur Lopez Co-Founder of the "Largest Drum Circle in the World" for Peace and Global Unity starting in your own Community.™

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Largest Drum Circle in the World for Peace & Global Unity CA&J Farms

We had thought about canceling this year's LDC in the World, like so many other events that have canceled, but we feel that those of you who can have it safely following Covid-19 safe practices can still have it. This is not one large event at a single place, it is a gathering of thousands of drummer from all over the world, drumming in the safety of their home or safe space that you control. We would very much appreciate it if you can post your event here for everyone to find it, as you have in the past. Let me answer the number one question I get every year, yes feel free to use the photo in our Facebook page to announce your event. "Largest Drum Circle in the World" November 14. for Peace and Global Unity Starting in our Own Community. This year will be the first time in almost 10 years that I will be having this event at a Outdoor Location CA & J Farms, a few miles from Gloucester, VA. We will be post our event soon. We are thinking about Zooming it out to the world so stand by for that information, as well.. I would also like to suggest to all of you who have now become comfortable using the Zoom Meeting App that you too can have your LDC in the Word as a Online Virtual Drum Circle. And when you do please post it here for all to share. Drums will be provided on a first come basis. You are welcome to bring other acoustic instruments too, like Flutes, Didgeridoos, Singing Bowls and so on. The “Largest Drum Circle in the World" is a 24 hour Global Event for Peace occurring Saturday Nov. 2, 2019 at the Virginia Wesleyan College, Batten Student Center. Our intent is to connect with peace loving people around the world who have hope for humanity and are willing to work toward positive change. We will be using drumming to gather the community to share in our intent for peace. This Circle is not about being a drummer; it is about being human and planting the seeds of Peace to flourish throughout the world. The Drum Circle for Peace will have Drum, Dance, Poetry and Song. Join us with your intent if you do not own a drum. Please join our Facebook Page "Largest Drum Circle in the World" so you can get all the info all year round: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LargestDrumCircleintheWorld/ There are many Drum Circles, from around the World, participating in the “Largest Drum Circle in the World” for Peace and Global Unity in a 24 hour period. This is only one event, of the many, occurring here in the US. Please plan on making one in your own country starting in your own community. Thanks, Arthur Lopez http://drumyourdream.com/ http://largest-drum-circle-in-the-world.com/ https://www.cajfarm.com/ Contact email: [masked] By your attendance you consent to be Filmed, Video, Audio Recorded and Photographed Please be advised that film crews affiliated with DrumYourDream.com, independent film companies, and other professional photographers will be filming, recording and photographing the Largest Drum Circle in the World and The One Love Festival events at the Virginia Wesleyan University. By entering areas of the event where there may be individuals either filming or photographing activities, you are consenting to being filmed, audio recorded and or captured in photographs. You agree that your image, sounds and voice as captured may be used as part of any documentary, commercial production that incorporates this film or photograph and that this may be broadcasted in any and all media throughout the world in perpetuity without any compensation.

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