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Embellished Fabric Collage Artist, Drina Fried

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Embellished Fabric CollageThe embellished fabric collage process begins with a blueprint to guide the composition. Usually a
watercolor study or digital manipulation is this prelude, so that Fried gets the sense of which pieces
of fabric will work best for this potential artpiece. Many- sometimes a hundred or more- swatches of
silk, organza, suede, cotton, etc. are chosen for their various textures, colors, and chroma. Fabric is
dry glue-backed before being cut and each piece patiently placed onto the substrate of linen or
canvas. The composition is heat-set then, and UV protected with two coatings of a fabric spray that
binds to the fabric over a 48 hour period to make it almost impervious to the effects of light or dust.
However, it is almost always still shown under glass to stop the inclination viewers have had to run
their fingers over the various fabrics, to feel the textures. At this point more traditional art takes over:
Fried uses acrylics and/or fabric paint, thread, crystals and other lasting embellishments with the
goal of lightening or deepening shading, contrast, unity, bringing out the perspective and detail
needed to transform each interior, still life, floral, cityscape, or landscape into her vision. From a
distance each original most often resembles an oil painting. Looking closely though, it becomes
clear that one is seeing a one of a kind complex collage, without 'duplicability'.
Born- Buffalo, New York, 1943; Living in Nevada since 2008. Her father ran a jewelry display
manufacturing business until he was 85 years old. Her mother was a self taught artist and
homemaker. Drina is the granddaughter ( Taylor (, an ( popular ( in the late
1930’s to the early 1980’s ( 33 best ( ( ( However improbable, Drina’s aspirations are to
do as well in her chosen fields. In addition to being a visual artist, as an educational and counseling
psychologist, she is the "mother of ( offensiveless defense (" ( (, ( request that you learn the
process of ( Defense with 2 Rules ( (and teach it to your loved
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