• Best Social Media Strategies for Bloggers, Ever

    The Innevation Center

    Let's continue our quest to get found with a session about creating awareness and engagement around your blog with social media. In this session, we'll focus on Twitter and Instagram, and we'll have a special guest! Laci Cerrone is a social media powerhouse, with decades of experience in marketing, including stints as a marketing executive for Cirque du Soleil, Station Casinos and others. Her Las Vegas Gal brand has exploded, and her Instagram seminars are filled with tips, tricks and inspiration. Learn more about Laci at http://www.LasVegasGal.com or follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lasvegasgal Scott will handle the Twitter portion of the session, sharing how he turned @VitalVegas into the most influential Twitter account in the history of Las Vegas. No, really, with nine million Tweet impressions in March alone, it might actually be true. If Penn Jillette gets hit by a bus. All due respect. We'll discuss how social can drive traffic and customers (if you're into that kind of thing) to your blog, while providing unique, powerful—and often completely free—vehicles for your messaging and products. Here, you'll get all the tactics and best practices to amplify your blog and break the Internet while creating a passionate community around you and your brand. Yes, there will be those buzzwords and more! We'll also discuss how to manage your social media time, how to get the most bang for your buck and how to make the most of visitors when they land on your site. After this session, you'll be inspired to reach millions of people and change the course of human history. We're not kidding, we've done it. Bring your best stumpers and we'll unstump the hell out of them! We'll also have the usual networking opportunities and open discussion for random questions about blogging, the most important technological innovation since self-cleaning litter boxes. See you there!

  • Search Engine Optimization: Get Found, Get Famous, Get Filthy Rich

    Yeah, we might be overstating the "get filthy rich" thing, but it's completely possible. The secret to all your blogging dreams? SEO, or search engine optimization. No matter the status or goals of your blog, being found is paramount, and to put it simply: Google is God. No, really. (https://www.thechurchofgoogle.org/proof-google-is-god) In this session, we'll barely scratch the surface of SEO, but you have to start somewhere. This session will save you years of time and energy better spent on creating glorious content. Tips. Tricks. Fundamentals. Advanced tactics. What's new, what you need to know and what you need to worry about. We'll talk about how to generate traffic, how to grow your site and how to write compelling meetup descriptions despite being intoxicated. Allegedly. Scott's leading the session, but it'll be informative anyway. (One of his blog posts got 40,000 views this week.) See you there!

  • Content Marketing is King: Corporate Blogging Secrets of Success

    While many of the tactics of personal blogging overlap with corporate blogging, in this session, we'll dive into how those realms diverge. Companies are desperate to be found online, and blogging is undeniably a way to garner breakthrough success. In this session, we'll talk about considerations when launching a corporate blog, the potential pitfalls and mistakes just about every corporate blog makes (there are plenty). Bring the tough questions, as our organizer has seen it all when it comes to corporate blogs. Scott was the blogger behind Caesars Entertainment's award-winning Pulse of Vegas blog (named the best marketing blog in the country, and generated roughly $2 million a year in revenue without ever marketing anything) and currently oversees the corporate blog for Fremont Street Experience (http://www.vegasexperience.com). Scott's personal blog is VitalVegas.com. Yes, it's him writing this description in the third person. Awkward. Let's sort out whether a corporate blog is right for you and your company, how to get one off the ground, what you can expect in terms of timelines and metrics for success, cultural pushback and ROI.

  • Let's Get Serious About Social: Busted Myths, Hard Truths and Mojo

    It's time to take a deep dive into social media and how it can give you breakthrough success with your blog. PLEASE NOTE NEW LOCATION, THIS MEETING ONLY: P.T.'s Pub, 6570 S. Buffalo Dr., Las Vegas NV. You can start killing it at social whether your blog is live or not. Learn the tips and tricks to reach, engagement and growing your audience exponentially. Whether your blog is for fun or profit, social has changed everything and can open the door to fame, fortune and freebies. Scott will be our presenter for this session. He was awarded "Best Social Media" by the Las Vegas Interactive Marketing Assn. for his efforts at Fremont Street Experience, and shepherds social communities around his award-winning blog, VitalVegas.com, including on Facebook (24,000 fans) and Twitter (six million Tweet impressions a month with 23,000 followers). Yes, he's writing this description about himself, but don't make it awkward. There might be new people! This will be our first meeting without Andrew as co-organizer, so we need to make it spectacular so he changes his mind about taking a year off. No pressure. Come ready to learn and share and get social! Let's make 2019 the year you meet and exceed all your blogging goals, even if you haven't figured out quite what they are yet. Note: Apologies for the location change, Innevation Center wasn't able to accommodate our group for this session. The meeting is still free, but we need to drink or eat to use the P.T.'s space (a minimum of $250, collectively). So, if you're an ice water-only person, the next meet-up is Feb. 19 at our usual location. ")

  • Blogging Best Practices and Open Discussion - Blogging 2019 and Beyond!

    It is hard to believe that another year is coming to a close. Some of us are continuing to build our blogs and some of us are getting ready to start the journey. In either case, we will use this session as an open discussion about the state of blogging, podcasting, search engine optimization, social media, monetization and/or anything else the group wants to talk about. We can all ask any and every question you want to the group. Also, we have secured the Innevation Center for our meetups for 2019! We will still be the second Tuesday of each month. We will try to brainstorm some more sessions to schedule through 2019.

  • Should You Have a Blog or a Podcast…OR BOTH! Part 1

    The Innevation Center

    In cooperation with Laci Urcioli and Chris Cerrone from the Las Vegas Podcasters Meetup, we’re having a 2-night event to convince you that having both a blog and a podcast is the one-two punch you need to take you from zero to hero in your niche. That’s right, both nights November 13 & 14, we’ll have group presentations by Andrew DiMino from https://CarbSmart.com, Scott Roeben from https://VitalVegas.com, and Laci Urcioli and Chris Cerrone from The Cerrone Show. Session 1: Should You Have a Blog or a Podcast…OR BOTH! Part 1 Tuesday, November 13,[masked] pm to 7:45 pm We’ll start with a basic discussion about the reasons why you would want to consider having both a blog and a podcast and explore topics like: * Similarities and differences * Benefits of one vs. the other vs. having both * The synergy of having a blog and a podcast * Much more Session 2: Should You Have a Blog or a Podcast…OR BOTH! Part 2 Wednesday, November 14,[masked]:30 pm to 7:45 pm https://www.meetup.com/Las-Vegas-Podcasters/events/xbgvnmyxpbsb/ On the next night, we’ll continue the discussion by discussing how you tie them both together - How you get synergy from running a blog and a podcast. Should you start a blog or should you start a podcast? We think you should have both. Please sign up for both nights.

  • Our 11 Favorite Plugins For Managing & Growing Your WordPress Blog

    It is estimated that there are more than 50,000 WordPress plugins. There are plugins for SEO, content creation, controlling spam, eCommerce, security, and anything else that will help you run or grow your blog. In this session on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at 6 pm, the Yin and Yang of blogging - superstar blogger Scott Roeben from https://VitalVegas.com and business blogger Andrew DiMino from https://CarbSmart.com discuss our favorite plugins we use for our blogs. We'll be asking you to discuss your favorites too! Remeber - we all contribute! We know that you don’t have time to go through all 50,000 WordPress plugins, so we’ve done the research for you - we'll talk about the plugins we actually use! Some plugins are premium (you gotta pay) and some are free. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at 6 pm.

  • Selling Books and eBooks to Support Your Blog

    The Innevation Center

    Some people write and sell books to support their blog while others write a blog to support their book sales. In either case, the synergy between having a blog and selling books from your blog is tremendous. Today, companies like Amazon.com make it easy to publish and sell your books from your website. In this session on Tuesday, September 11, 2018, the Yin and Yang of blogging - superstar blogger Scott Roeben from https://VitalVegas.com and business blogger Andrew DiMino from https://CarbSmart.com discuss ways to sell books from your blog from the idea creation through the actual distribution of your book in physical or eBook form. We’ll discuss: * Choosing Your Book Topic * Creating the Book Contents * Should You Produce Physical Books, eBooks or Both? * Marketing Your Books to Your Readers We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, September 11, 2018.

  • Blogging For Business: Tips, Tricks & Techniques - Even If You're Not A Business

    Writing a blog for your business can be quite different than personal blogging. And remember, if you're writing a blog that generates income, you are a business! Having a blog focused on your business can really boost your online presence and be an excellent marketing tool. In this presentation on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 at 6 PM, the Yin and Yang of blogging - superstar blogger Scott Roeben from https://VitalVegas.com and business blogger Andrew DiMino from https://CarbSmart.com discuss how to increase visits to your business, how to create brand awareness and how to sell products and services with a blog for your business. Some of the topics we’ll cover include: * Is Content Marketing Still Relevant? * Understanding Your Goals and Objectives * Credibility and Authority * Crisis Management * SEO for Business See you then.

  • Why Adding Video to Your Blog Will Make You A More Successful Blogger

    Blogging used to be about the words you wrote to get people to find your blog. Then it became about the words you wrote and the photos you added that showed the world you were an expert in what you do. Now, blogging in 2018 has come full circle because in order to become a more successful blogger, you need to write excellent blog posts, add shareable photos and now professional quality videos that get you more exposure and establish your brand as the de facto expert in your field. It's worth noting YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world! In this presentation on July 10, 2018 at 6 PM, dronemaster and super blogger Scott Roeben from https://VitalVegas.com, up-and-coming video recipe producer Andrew DiMino from https://CarbSmart.com and Video Marketing Expert Mark Anthony of http://tourtalkmedia.com, discuss the whens, hows, and whys to help you add video to your blogs in 2018.