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When you look back on 2016 what did you accomplish? Anything memorable? How's 2017 looking for you? We all know New Year's resolutions last the most 20 days with many fizzling out by day 8. Many of us have great intentions at the beginning of the new year! Any doubts about that can be seen with gym memberships in January/February and attendance in April/May. How would you like to look back over 2017 and see actual tangible accomplishments you achieved during the course of the year? Maybe there's a new habit you would like to acquire. Or maybe you have a bad habit you would like to quit. Possibly it's just something you want to accomplish.


Las Vegas Challenge Me is for individuals who would like to join other like minded people who want to accomplish their goals. How can you participate you ask? One of two ways; 1) You can start a challenge or 2) You can join a challenge. What's a challenge you ask? A challenge is a specific time frame given to accomplish a desired outcome. (Example: 45 Day Fitness Challenge, 24 Day Weight Loss Challenge, 21 Day Networking Challenge, 30 Day Quit [Insert vice/habit] Challenge)


1) The Sponsored Challenges. Sponsored Challenges will be directed by Challenge field experts. Sponsored Challenges will have fees associated with them. Fees will cover any equipment, products and coaching required for the duration of the Challenge. This should be thought of as your "skin in the game!" Past experience tells us we are usually more successful with a Challenge when we go into it with some skin in the game! Sponsored Challenges will begin with an Invitation Meeting. During this meeting members will have an opportunity to meet the Challenge field experts and receive an overview of any costs, equipment, products and coaching provided. At the conclusion of this meeting members electing to participate in the Challenge will sign up and pay their fees.

2) The Self-Directed Challenge. Self-directed Challenges will be based on a topic such as 30 Days To Quit Smoking Challenge. Members desiring to participate in this Challenge will meet for their Kick-Off meeting. During this meeting Challenge members will be given general information on the topic. There will be no fees associated with Self-Directed Challenges.


All Challenges, except Sponsored Challenges, will have three (3) Meetups per Challenge (The first Meetup for Sponsored Challenges will be an Invitation meeting). The first Meetup will be the Challenge Kick-Off. The second Meetup will be at or around the Challenge Mid Point and the final Meetup will be the Challenge Recognition. Membership into a Challenge will be locked at the conclusion of the first Meetup. Once a Challenge is formed and started each member becomes a member of a texting group set-up specifically for their Challenge. Members will receive daily motivational messages/reminders and will be encouraged to reach out to other Challenge members. Challenges can get difficult but when you have an accountability mechanism and a built in support group your likelihood of success increases dramatically. For the benefit of all members a Challenge will need to have a minimum of 7 participants before Kick Off.


You must be at least 18 years of age in order to join a Challenge.

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