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Hi Ladies, Trauma touches all of our lives. And right now we're collectively experiencing the effects of traumatic events globally. The challenges of trauma are real... but there is hope!

Trauma is generally not something you just “get over.” And it’s not just about the event or what happened to you that makes something truly traumatic. It’s often about how your body responds to the memory of the event, days, weeks, months, and years afterward.

If You have...

• Overwhelming feelings of dread, worry or panic
• Focused on threats or danger
• Excessive fear & anguish
• Feeling out of control of your environment
• Feeling like a prisoner
• Not being able to cope ( Stress, Anxiety, Depression)

If You...

*Are sick of doing life alone, yet struggle to let yourself be supported.

*Yearn for a partnership with someone who matches your values, or you want deeper intimacy from a relationship you’re currently in.

*Have good friends yet still have the inner experience of feeling alone.

*Find yourself over-giving and over-doing, constantly running at a support-deficit.

*Feel a desire to express your gifts and talents in ways that will make a difference, but you don’t know what that looks like. You might not even know where to start.

I'm a Certified Trauma-Informed Health/LiFe Coach and Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher. I have the great honor to connect with so many AMAZING women who have struggled with the long-term effects of childhood trauma. That’s the situation women all over the globe find themselves in. However, we now have more options and the ability like never before to be whoever we want to be, but we lack the tools to navigate our way there.

Through my program, i have seen so many women turn their lives around and recover from depression, anxiety, and feelings of a life without purpose.

Together we will discover everything you need to not only navigate your way through life with less stress, anxiety, and depression but to actually thrive in the life you have created or yearn to have!

It’s truly amazing the health benefits that fall into place after you heal your trauma. Taking care of yourself becomes easy. Healthy relationships are essential and safe to be in. And reversing diabetes, heart disease, and or your relationship with your body’s weight and hormones, all make sense after you understand how trauma has kept you stuck.

Yeah, I know, it’s big.

No one tells you that it is possible to clear the trauma from your body, emotions, and relationships so that you can actually enjoy a healthy life. And it only takes a few months of deep intensive work to understand and reframe the trauma that affects your life, daily.

I am passionate about helping women overcome their trauma and teaching them how to create healthy boundaries and relationships, and to better understand how to manage life’s stresses and anxiety, so they LiVe their BEST LiVes!

Please contact me for a FREE Care-CAll.

Cheers To a HealTHy HaPpY YOU!

Seana Mahoney

The Health Coach Gals


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