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Are you looking for Investors, Co-Founders, Partners, or Core Team Members for your start-up or existing business?

Please join us !

We are an organization looking to support our members, who range from entrepreneurs looking to become the next Jeff Bezos, to established business owners looking to increase their bottom line, to investors in search of the next big thing.

Enjoy meeting new contacts for networking and/or doing business together. We have experts sharing their knowledge; you will have opportunities to meet with entrepreneurs, start-ups, professionals and investors.

We will have many functions such as social networking, interactive lectures, discussions, online meetups, brainstorming sessions, round table meetings, think tanks, experts panels and educational webinars.

The foundation of this group is to support each other in growing and have fun along the way. With this goal in mind, we have created a short questionnaire in order to get an understanding of the goals, challenges and expectations of our Members. Your responses will allow us to tailor our topics, guest speakers and resources to the needs of our Members. Upon joining our MeetUp, please take a few moments to complete the questionnaire. Your information will not be shared outside of this Group.


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Welcome To Start The Startup

Needs a location

Welcome back. We have been working hard to create the group that our members have been waiting for. For 5 years we have focused solely on getting companies funding. Sometimes this approach worked but most often it didn't. The reasons for the failures were:

1.) Not every company was ready for funding.
2.) Not every company that wanted funding had the management, scalability, or revenue to get investor dollars.
3.) Many company owners truly did not know how difficult it is to get funding.

Based on our members comments, and our desire to make Las Vegas a REAL community of startup companies, we have revamped our group.

We have created StartTheStartup.com and split it into 4 different sections. Those sections are:

A.) Those entrepreneurs who have an idea but are in need of help going forward to develop their idea and help create their company.
B.) Those entrepreneurs with revenue but need more seasoning to get the desired funding they want.
C.) Companies that have revenue, will take funding in any form, and have great management and proof of concept. But they have no contacts and can't move forward to the next level.
D.) Those companies that want to enter into our Business Accelerator.

The first meeting of our new group is Wednesday, June 29th at 6:00PM. We will be at LV.Net and we can accommodate 25 people. We will also try to stream the event as well for those who cannot attend in person.

We are currently getting information from companies all over the world. We have new sources of funding and have all the resources that many of you will need to become a competitive, revenue-generating, company with scalability.
We look forward to seeing you on June 29th at 6:00PM at LV.Net. Welcome to the our new group.

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