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This is a group for entrepreneurs and real estate investors to meet private lenders and learn how to raise private money for their real estate investments in the greater in Las Vegas area. We are committed to making sure money is the last thing to stop your success. www.REIALV.COM

Our real estate investment association will help you learn more about real estate investing? Whether you are just starting out in real estate investing, or are working on your hundredth deal, REIA – Las Vegas can help you learn more, make more, and have more fun doing it. At our Real Estate Investing Association you’ll learn:

KNOWLEDGE - Knowledge exclusively gained through scheduled workshops and seminars with Real Estate experts

NETWORKING - Networking with local Real Estate investors and experts in Las Vegas Real Estate market

OPPORTUNITIES - Opportunities you need to build the professional relationships to create great success.

ACCESS - Access to monthly meetings and a discounted price on additional educational events.

In addition, we are committed to creating and maintaining a supportive, encouraging, and friendly environment for members to learn, grow, and freely share. There are no competitors – only colleagues. We’re all here to help each other succeed.

GROW YOUR REAL ESTATE INVESTING BUSINESS: We are your premier real estate investment association, serving the las vegas marketplace. we provide our members with the best opportunity for achievement success in all aspects of real estate investing.


REIA - Las Vegas is the premier real estate investment associations serving the Las Vegas marketplace. Our primary focus and mission for our association is helping our members build, preserve and harvest multi-generational wealth in the areas of real estate.


We are committed to providing the education, resources, tools, and networking opportunities to help our members see the results they want in their real estate investing career. Come network and get connected with people you need to know in the Las Vegas area.


You will meet people who know how to work with Real Estate Investors and understand your needs. They will help you create success on your own terms. In addition, you will gain access to all of the discounts and offers available from the National REIA strategic industry partners.

We are very proud to be the only National REIA Chapter in the Las Vegas valley, which conveys a number of benefits to all REIA members in the form of tremendous national vendor discounts, valuable training opportunities, and access to a wide variety of incredible tools and resources.

We have all the information you need on our webpage. Please take a look at www.reialv.com. We have Calendar of events, you can pre-register for easier sign-in at meetings, and answers to more questions on our webpage www.reialv.com

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Monday - Friday

9:00am - 5:00pm pst



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Investing in Cluster Zones!!

Online event

If you are looking to close 2-4 deals a month (from the comfort of your own home) then you need to attend our next Training. We are bringing in our good friend who is a Market Cycle Expert. So, here is the details: DATE: July 7, 2020 at 7 pm Cluster Zone Training Sign Up Today!!! Frustrated by a lack of seller inventory? Struggling to find enough cash buyers? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then this new Cluster Zone training has the potential to DRAMATICALLY change your life. Who should come: 1- Anyone that is just starting out 2- Anyone looking to get better at finding deals 3- Anyone that is looking to connect with other wholesalers 4- Anyone that is wanting a clear understand of how wholesaling works 5- Anyone that wants to build out a lead machine for create 10K to 20K a month 6- Anyone that wants to make money in Real Estate without buying a house 7- Anyone that is trying to figure out what they should be doing If any of these above sound like you then you should be at this event!!!

Real Estate Focus Group

Monument Title Insurance, Inc.

This is a content only meeting, no sales, ask questions, pass out your business cards, speak to local investors and experts. Our group is designed to take the best techniques from around the country and utilize them here in our local Las Vegas real estate market. REIA – Las Vegas is committed to providing the resources, tools, and networking opportunities to help our members see the results they want in their real estate investing career. Bring your business cards. Come tonight to learn, ask questions and network bring your business cards. Attend the 4th Wednesday of every month to hear and meet our Nationally renowned speakers. Educational material is also available for purchase to support you in your real estate business endeavors. Come network and get connected with people you need to know in the Las Vegas area. Members of REIA Las Vegas - Free $20.00 for all non-members of REIA Las Vegas One Time Free Guest Pass at main monthly meeting only, 4th. Wednesday of every month.

Your Las Vegas Real Estate Investors Association meeting is approaching.

Alexis Park All Suite Resort and Conference Center

We will as always be filling you in on all the new updates for your association REIA Las Vegas: · Las Vegas Market Updates · Local Real Estate affiliates that will support you in your investments locally · Our sponsors Home Depot, Office Max, Avis Rental cars and the huge discounts, benefits for being part of REIA Las Vegas · How REIA Las Vegas can help you grow your business in Las Vegas Members get 2% back from all Home Depot purchases. To register your payment tenders with your account, members can call[masked], option 4 or go to http://www.homedepot.com/proloyalty. All members are automatically set up with an HD account, but it’s up to you to make sure to register your payment tenders! Our Reia Las Vegas members get access to all our meetings. There is a $20.00 fee for non-members. Date and Location: 4th Wednesday of every month from 6:30pm - 9:00pm Alexis Park Resort 375 E Harmon Ave Las Vegas, NV 89169 We will also have a REIA Las Vegas sign out front. Park anywhere. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Rob Cahill Director of Marketing REIA Las Vegas Office:[masked] [masked] www.reialv.com

CashFlow 101 - More than a Game - A Game Changer

Monument Title Insurance, Inc.

Cashflow 101, created by Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki, is an educational board game aimed at teaching investors concepts of accounting, finance and investing. Each person is given a profession card that defines their income, expenses, assets and liabilities. The objective of the game is to “get out of the rat race” by accumulating enough passive income that exceeds your expenses. This is accomplished by doing “Small Deals” (buying/selling stock, single family homes, land and starting small businesses) as well as “Big Deals” (buying multi-units, businesses and franchises). Lessons Learned by Playing Cashflow 101: There are a lot of great things that can be learned by playing Cashflow 101. Here are just a few that I have found. There Are Various Investing Strategies Many people do not realize that there are various strategies for investing. The game provides a portion of the available strategies that allow people to start to realize how many different strategies there are, such as stock, mutual funds, bonds, real estate, small businesses and large businesses. The Market Changes Anyone that was investing in real estate around 2008 probably learned this first hand. After years of appreciation and property values going up, the bubble burst and property values fell a lot in some areas. The game shows changing markets and their impacts on the investing strategy that you are using. Financial Freedom Can Mean Different Things A lot of people think that being financially free means being rich. The game shows a different approach, which is financial freedom by having more passive income than expenses. More Income Does Not Always Make Financial Freedom Easier The first time I played Cashflow I was disappointed that I was the teacher when others were doctors and lawyers. The light bulb moment I had that game was that I was able to get out of the rat race much faster than them because my expenses were much lower as the teacher. Your Risk Tolerance It is very important to understand how much risk you are comfortable with. As you play the game, you will be able to understand your personal risk tolerance and that of the people you play with. More than a Game - A Game Changer. Investing is a skill most can’t learn from a book. The alternative of learning in the ‘real world’ could prove costly. You need to first understand your own behavior. CASHFLOW 101 was created as a fun, powerful, and experiential way to teach investing and wealth building. Manage assets and liabilities, trade stocks and fight your way out of the Rat Race. Simply the Best Way to Learn When we play, that’s the truest example of our real life behavior. Think about your own behavior when they’re in the throws of competition. Do you get reckless when you’re winning or fall apart when you’re losing? Wouldn't it be better to learn these lessons on the gameboard than in the real world, with real money - your money. Come join us for some snacks and lots of fun! Members of REIA Las Vegas - Free Non-Members of REIA Las Vegas -$10.00

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This Will Eliminate All Your Real Estate Fears With Lou Brow

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