What we're about

Growing up I was taught there are topics that should not be discussed in public because it wasn't polite. This included but was not limited to, politics, religion, and sex. Subjects that would offend someone or disagreeing with anyone who held a firm belief was off limits. Essentially all the topics I find interesting to discuss. The problem is that many of us were never taught how or allowed to discuss these subjects openly. It seems that we have grown up with the mentality - I am right and you are wrong if we disagree. I would like to talk about "taboo" topics. I want to share and discuss thoughts and opinions in hopes to learn from each other through critical thinking and skepticism. I believe all ideas should be held up to scrutiny. That is how you find out if they are any good or not.

Please join if you are interested in openly discussing the above mentioned topics (and many more) in a respectful manner. A little bit of lively debate is welcome, but the focus is on learning and understanding an idea or opinion, not winning an argument.

My hope is to hold group discussions that apply critical thinking about at least two topics, one light and lively and one "hot button" topic. However the format is flexible and is open to change if need be.

Once we get a few members to this group we can decide meeting times and place.

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