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The Las Vegas Makerspace is dedicated to everyone around who wants to make things! There's a ton of us in this Valley, but not enough of us know each other, or know of the resources available for us to make things. There's people who wish they were makers, but aren't yet - this group aims to fix that! Over the next few months we'll begin setting up meetings wherever we can, preferably at makerspaces, so we can begin collaborating, and get to making things!

Here is a list of makerspaces we know about, please contact us so we can list more!

The Community Tool Chest: a community makerspace, emphasis in woodworking with stained glass, soap making, pottery, crocheting, and more coming soon! http://www.communitytoolchest.com

SYN Shop: a community makerspace, electronics, robotics, woodworking, CNC, and more! synshop.org (https://synshop.org/)

Woodworkers Emporium: a woodworking supply store with woodworking classes too! http://www.woodworkersemporium.com

Unwind Knitting: a yarn and knitting supply store with knitting classes of all sorts! http://www.unwind-knitting.com

Clay Arts Vegas: a pottery, ceramics supply store with lots of classes from beginning to advanced. http://www.clayartsvegas.com

Glass Art Studio: a glass art supply store with lots of classes from beginning stained glass, mosiacs, to fused glass! http://www.glassartinc.com

Wood It Is: a community woodshop with lots of classes from beginning to advanced! http://www.wooditis.com

Pottery West: a pottery, ceramics community workspace with workshops, classes, community events, and more. http://www.potterywest.com

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