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Most visitors that come to LV will never leave the Strip. That's fun, but there is so much more to do in and around Las Vegas, particularly if you are active, outdoorsy, somewhat fit, adventurous, and fun! I'm talking hiking (so many beautiful locations), biking, kayaking/paddleboarding, ATV riding, skiing (water & snow, yep, here in the desert), rock climbing/rappelling, etc. Off the Strip doesn't necessarily mean outdoors, plenty of local, fun attractions in town. Off the Strip can be WAY off the Strip, such as a road trip to Utah, AZ, or a So Cal beach trip. Bottom line, take full advantage of living in LV. Fun to introduce and share amazing activities and locations to people that they didn't even know existed. Also fun the meet new friends and enjoy healthy (umm, mostly healthy) fun!

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Hiking Whitney Mesa (Henderson)

Whitney Mesa Trail Sunset Entrance

Wetlands Park Hike-Lake Las Vegas views

Terrazza Park

Liberty Bell Arch + Amazing River Overlook

Hoover Dam Lodge

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