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Weekly Photo Project: Pumpkins
Accepting submissions from now until Tuesday, October 23rd. ••• Every time we'll have a different theme for our weekly project. This week’s theme is "Pumpkins". If you've done it before, submit 1 to 5 images for this week’s theme by clicking the following link: ••• JPEGs only, please! It’s always great to add titles to your photos. You can review the uploaded photos here: Whether you've uploaded photos or not, please like, rate (star) and/or comment on other people's photos for the current and previous weeks. Authors will definitely appreciate that. Please check periodically as new photos are uploaded daily. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are new to the project, please read the description and submission instructions below: ••• PROJECT DESCRIPTION ••• To become better at anything, you need to do it consistently. How about posting a few photos once a week/month? So, here is the challenge: Upload 1 - 5 photos to a group album (see instructions below) for the week’s category. It’s an individual challenge for each of you to get your creative juices flowing, share photos in the group, comment and critique each other’s shots, and above all have fun. You can upload photos any time while the project is open, but you’ll get the most feedback when more people check the album, so it's best to upload early. Please check periodically for other people's photos and like, rate (star) and/or comment on them. Hopefully, these photographers will reciprocate and comment on yours, so everyone wins. The albums will remain public and visible to everyone all the time. You also don’t have to restrict yourself to photos taken during that week for the category — they could be from past shoots or the weekly prompt can be used to motivate you to shoot something new. We are using SlickPic photo sharing site to upload, view and comment on photos. To upload, click the following link: ••• JPEGs only, please! It’s always great to add titles to your photos. You can also add a longer description if you'd like. Your name will be displayed under the photo. It will be picked up from your registration during the submittal process. For security purposes, I turned on the right-click-save protection. Note: please make sure you own the photos you upload. Please don’t upload any inappropriate images and keep all comments photography related. Our image submission service is being provided by the photo-sharing service To avoid spam and orphaned images, participants will have to create a free account before uploading. No worries, it's totally free, no ads, no spam. To view photos, please bookmark the following album: You’ll find all the weekly albums there. Let’s start the challenge! ----------------------------- The Las Vegas Interactive Photography group is sponsored by SlickPic ( - a professional grade photo hosting service. Create your awesome online gallery to showcase and share your photos in a few easy steps. Start Now!


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    Meet other passionate photographers who are interested in Urban Photography. We will meet either on location or online to discuss techniques, critique our work, and explore and photograph interesting subjects, cityscapes and landscapes throughout Las Vegas and beyond. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional and whether you use point and shoot or a DSLR, this is the meetup group for you if you are an active photographer truly passionate about your work!

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