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Conversación en Español (AdvBeg., Intermed., Advanced, Fluent, Native Speaker)
• Come enjoy an evening of Spanish conversation! • Because our focus is on Spanish conversation, this Meetup is not for complete beginners but for advanced beginners (high basic conversational level), intermediate, advanced, fluent and native speakers. • RSVP's are required. (space is limited, so RSVP!) • You should be a member of this Meetup group to attend this Meetup. *If you are unsure if this is a good Meetup for you to attend or are unsure of your level in Spanish, message the organizer directly. ¡Gracias! *************************************************************** • Come and enjoy an evening of Spanish conversation! Come for a friendly, informal evening of Spanish conversation and socializing and enjoy great Mexican food and drinks. We do our absolute best to speak Spanish the entire evening so load up your Spanish dictionary on your smartphone and install your favorite apps or website links to help you stay in the target language! Enjoy the conversation, ask questions, share your language-learning experiences, travel adventures, etc., and use your Spanish with the always friendly bilingual servers and staff. Just do your best to stick with Spanish! *If you are unsure if this is a good Meetup for you to attend or are unsure of your level in Spanish, message the organizer directly. ¡Gracias! • RSVP’s are required. Because we meet in a restaurant and submit a reservation for each Meetup, an RSVP is required. Our venue is absolutely amazing as a location for our Meetup and we work very closely with them to assure we have the best Meetup experience possible. But, if you “show up” without having RSVP’d there may not be a place to accommodate you. So, PLEASE RSVP! • You should be a member of this Meetup group to attend this Meetup. However, if you are a member and choose to bring a guest please be sure to add them to your RSVP! ¡Espero que nos veamos muy pronto! ¡Saludos! This is a free Meetup. If possible, please support this venue by purchasing a drink, an appetizer, or ordering some dinner so that they can continue to be a great place to hold our conversation group.

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The group is open to Spanish speakers (typically advanced+ beginners, intermediate, advanced, fluent and native speakers) who are comfortable conversing in Spanish. One thing we all have in common is that we love Spanish! Our group is a made up of people who are on the journey of improving their spoken Spanish, are dusting off their conversational Spanish after having studied it years ago, fluent speakers who have studied and lived in Spanish-speaking countries and don’t want to lose their Spanish skills, and even native speakers who just enjoy an evening speaking in their native language and helping others.


Because the general skill level of the Meetup members is solid conversational Spanish, we find that those who get the most from joining us will have a good understanding of fundamental conversational Spanish (at least advanced+ beginner or higher) as well. We are all working on conversational skills and continuing to improve, even at the more advanced levels. This is not a class or a substitute for a class (although we all learn a lot from each other). It's more like "in addition" to your Spanish studies or Spanish review in order to help you work on conversational skills and listening skills. It’s also a place to relax and enjoy conversing in Spanish if you're already at an advanced/fluent level.

If you’re a native Spanish speaker looking for a fun, enjoyable evening speaking your native language and helping others, this is a great Meetup group for you too!


We are a weekly Meetup where we mix Spanish conversation with great Mexican food, drinks, socializing and an enjoyable evening. (Drinks and dining are not obligatory but many people do have dinner and we like to support our Meetup location). We are a friendly group of individuals who enjoy fun conversations, a relaxed atmosphere, and we do our best to speak Spanish for the entire Meetup (and try to use English only as our backup when needed). You do not have to be a fluent Spanish speaker to enjoy this group but you should at least have strong basic conversational Spanish skills.

Whatever your conversational level is, you will be encouraged and supported. Speaking and listening skills are something we all work on and making mistakes is part of the process of learning to express yourself in another language. We’re always ready to lend a helping hand to those who have questions and assist those that might be doing self-study or are studying in a formal program.


So, if this seems like a good fit for you, please join us for an evening of Spanish conversation, have some fun, and have some great Mexican food and drinks. An extra bonus is that the bilingual servers and staff are always happy to give us the “full immersion” experience if you want it. So, get ready to take your Spanish for a spin and we’ll see you soon!

¡Nos vemos pronto!

If you're unsure of your level, not sure if this is the Meetup for you, or have any questions or comments, feel free to send a message to the organizers!

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