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This 2018 Action-Packed Subject-To RE Financing Summit will run for two exciting days and cover the various aspects of started and excelling in innovative real estate investing, financing, buying, selling and managing. YOU DO NOT NEED CASH, CREDIT OR EXPERIENCE TO SECURE YOUR FAMILY’S FINANCIAL FUTURE IN THIS REMARKABLE BUSINESS

Those benefiting from this very well received hands-on workshop include real estate investors (‘including beginners and saddle-worn pros), Realtors(r), mortgage professionals, financial planners and attorneys. Subjects to be covered include all forms of legitimate seller-carry, no money-down techniques for making money in real estate investing without needing standard down payments and bank credit qualifying. • Finding unlimited sources of OPM (“Other People’s Money”).

• Owning income property with free property management
• Acquiring and “condominiumizing” apartment complexes for pennies
• Wholesaling, Options, Notes and Assignments
• Equity Sharing, Contracts for Deed, and Lease Options
• How to make money on over-encumbered properties
• Finding the Don't Wanter sellers
• Finding willing buyers by the dozens
• Interim Bridge-Funding without needing a new mortgage or waiting to own
• Leasing w/income tax benefits for the tenant (i.e., ‘in exchange for higher rents)
• Silent property ownership (i.e., no public recording of your name)
• Full commissions and fast sales on over encumbered property w/o short sale
• How to assume any loan’s payment-stream without a due-on-sale clause violation

Alexis Park Hotel, 375 E.Harmon, Las Vegas Nevada
March 17 & 18
Sat. 8:30 - 8:PM Sun 8:30 - 5:00 PM

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