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This is a community for all those who are interested in all forms of Swing Dance, America's greatest partner dance! Here, we follow the advice of the great mid-20th century teacher and choreographer Dean Collins when he said: "There is no style, there is only Swing!" If you are into Lindy hop, West Coast Swing, Charleston, Carolina Shag, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, Foxtrot, or Jitterbug, then this your dance floor too. Hope to see you on the floor soon!

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West Coast Swing Lesson - The Basics of the 8-Count Whip @ SwingDanceAcademy

West Coast Swing Ballroom Addiction Thursdays 7:00p-8:30p 4-week Series: $50* Weekly Drop-In: $15 Students/Teachers Weekly - $10 All Ages F.A.Q. below *Everyone who pays for the entire series ($50) receives free entry to the Vintage Weekly Swing Dance lessons held on Tuesday nights at Broadway Hall Dance Studio (https://www.facebook.com/events/1105198923001081/) Instructors: Michelle Dwyer & Nick Peterson For the month of October, we are sticking with the good old fashioned West Coast Swing, and this month, we are working on our 8-count Whip. Though it has seemingly fallen out of favor on WCS floors today, the 8-count Whip was one of the original steps in West Coast Swing - and when done well, one of the greatest joys two people can experience on the floor. If you joined us in September for our first WCS series, these 4 weeks in October will focus on different moves, rhythms, techniques, and stylings. Beyond the experience of the instructors, what makes the Swing Dance Academy unique is the 4-week approach to learning. The first three weeks we focus heavily on the techniques that lead to success in a lead/follow social dance. During those three weeks, we are concerned with not just what moves to do, but the how and the why of making those moves successful. The last Thursday, however, we put on our bushy afro wig and painter's smock, and grab our 2-inch brush to channel the great Bob Ross. The final week of class has us creating moves, movements, and moments with the techniques we learned the first three weeks. By the end of the month, you'll be ready to make any floor your canvas. This 4-week series is intended to teach you how to dance West Coast Swing in a social dance setting. We rotate partners, so you do not need to bring anyone with you (though please do!). We also are not focusing on a "competition" style of West Coast Swing, for which there are wonderful Champion instructors in town who can guide you to the podium! About West Coast Swing: West Coast Swing evolved out of the Lindy hop and Jitterbug of the 1940s; the style, form, and technique of the vintage Swing dances were adapted to the ever-changing genres of pop music, from blues to rock to R&B to Hip-Hop. As such, there are many ways to approach West Coast Swing. This class will focus on the style and technique of West Coast Swing from its inception in the early '70s to the early '00s. For more details on the history of West Coast Swing, start with the surprisingly detailed Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Coast_Swing You can join us all month, or stop by on the week(s) that work best for you (see FAQ below). INSTRUCTORS MICHELLE DWYER A champion of all things swing dance, Michelle Dwyer is one of the local scene leaders of a social West Coast Swing dance scene here in Vegas. She has been dancing West Coast for almost a decade and is one of the hosts of Turn It Up Tuesdays at Ballroom Addiction, 7p-10p, $5. NICK PETERSON Nick has been dancing since the sounds of the Retro Swing Revival were heard on the Las Vegas Strip back in 1998. He has taught at numerous workshops around the country, held a faculty teaching position at UNLV for Beg and Int Swing Dancing for 9 semesters, was the 2002 First Alternate to represent the United States at the World Lindy Hop Championships, a 2006 Jitterbug national champion, and a member of a Swing Dance Hall of Fame. He has also taken first place in a handful of West Coast Swing competitions locally, and earned his first "competition points" in 2002. Nick has been teaching in Las Vegas since 2000 and focuses on all styles of Swing from Lindy hop to Carolina Shag to West Coast Swing to the Jitterbug. "There is no style, there is only Swing" - Dean Collins

The Lindy hop - Beginning Swing Dance Foundations 4-Week Series

Rhythms Dance Studio & Event Center

The Lindy hop Beginning Swing Dance Series Friday, 7:30p-8:30p Monthly Series: $40 Our Level 1 Beginning Swing Dance Foundation Series is covering the Lindy hop in October! The 6-count dance that dominated dance floors all over the world from the 1930s-1950s came back to prominence in the 1990s, and is a staple at Swing dances all over the world today. We will spend all four Fridays in October, setting the foundation with our Lindy hop basic (the "swing out") and then adding a variety of moves and stylings you can do to swing it up on the floor as the month progresses. This class is a Progressive series; each week will build on the class prior. Therefore, class registration is closed after the second week (October 11). If you would like to join on the third or fourth week, please contact the instructors or SwingDanceVegas. If you just found out about us and it is the third or fourth week of the month, head down to The Mint Tavern at the exact same time (Fridays, 7:30p) for our Weekly Beginning Swing Lesson. You can then join the Beginning Swing Dance Series Classes on the first Friday of the following month. You can find out more info about our Weekly Swing Dance Lessons here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2062095424082354/ After our Beginning Swing Dance Series class, join us as we head down to our weekly Friday night dance: Swinging' at the Mint Tavern! We dance there every Friday from 8:30p-??? You'll have a chance to practice everything you learned with dancers of all skill levels. You can find out more info about Swingin' at the Mint Tavern here: https://www.facebook.com/events/215014015846351/

Swingin' at the Mint Tavern - The BEST Friday night Dance Party in Las Vegas!

Join us at The BEST Friday Night Dance Party in Las Vegas. We've been swingin' for over 13 years, so join us on the dance floor as we explore 9 decades of the best rhythms in history. The Mint Tavern is a 21+ venue and is absolutely FREE with your support of the bar. 7:30p-8:30p: Weekly Drop-in Beginning Swing Dance lesson ($10) 8:30p - ??? : Swing Dancing!

Balboa Oasis Intermediate Series

Ballroom Addiction

Come Join our Intermediate Balboa Class! Only $5 at Ballroom Addiction! ***Prerequisites*** Single time basic (downholds) Double time basic (upholds) Come arounds Lolly Kicks Inside turn Outside Turn Basic Exit from Lolly Kicks Out and Ins Lolly Kicks with Throw-out exit Out and Ins, rotating both directions *These requirements are not a hard cut off, if you are familiar with these terms feel free to join us!

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