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Mission Vivre en Connaissance de Soi

Living in Self-awareness Mission

We are now a non-profit spiritual organization that has a Provincial charter. Our mission is to educate, and raise the human awareness through spiritual development programs, workshops, seminars and private counsellings that we are a spiritual energy being having a temporally human adventure. That we are our own healer's when we connect with our own soul potentials and abilities. That all Life is energy and as we discover who we are and where we come from we learn about our deeper connection with body, mind, soul and spirit as well with the universe and the varies dimensions of life both physical and non-physical.

This group is about people of like mind getting together to expand their human awareness to a greater spiritual understanding. As we enter into an alter state of awareness we tap onto our subconscious mind which is the Soul us. In this state we release our soul abilities and potentials in healing ourselves, as well we receive clarity of vision as to where life is moving us to. Situations, experiences, people and emotional feelings take on greater understanding and insight that brings forth our Soul purpose and identity.

We are a Spiritual Being having an earthly adventure. Our life is about beauty, joy, love, peace, happiness, well-being, wealth, etc., Some people may appear to have disconnected with their true self and for this reason our earthly experiences are reminding us on ''who we are, why we are here and where we are going''. Each one of us has the ability to channel our Soul Awareness.

My husband and I have been facilitating our missionary work by offering workshops, development classes and seminars for the last 38 years serving at the First Spiritual Center of Montreal in which we resigned in 2012. We now have our own non-profit organization called ''LIVING IN SELF AWARENESS MISSION''. We look forward in continuing to share our Love and Soul Wisdom and its Teachings with respect and sincerity so that others may rediscover their own Soul self and their purpose in life. Each individual is a student and a teacher on the path of life. Physically our personality is learning to become more receptive to our natural state of being which is our Divine nature. Each one of us is inter connected with one another that forms a collective consciousness of Light Vibrations. Until we come to realize this we are remain dormant to our soul self-awareness, and self-enlightment.

This LaSalle Group now is officially representing ''Living In Self-Awareness Mission'' welcomes everyone who desires to seek knowledge and wisdom on Spiritual Teachings and Awareness. I invited you to join with us on this wonderful journey of life where we can be of support and assistance to one another for we represent One Global Family. In joining together we create a greater Network Of Light Workers. I have been blessed since the age of 17 years old in which my spiritual reawakening took place through personal spiritual experiences and channellings. This is 44 years ago and out of these years 40 years have been my dedication in serving and inspiring others who has come to me for spiritual support.

I am an interfaith minister that preforms Pastoral services such as: Celebration of Life, Wedding Blessings and Naming Ceremonies. As a medium, intuitive, healing energy channelor and Life Coach it is my responsibility to offer the best of my Soul Self to all those who seek assistance and support.

Please take notice that in becoming a member does not mean you are giving up your personal beliefs or spiritual truth, it simply means that you will be receiving through the Meet-up organization in which the Lasalle Spiritual Group is associated with the events and updates on what is happening with Living in Self-Awareness Mission.

I look forward in meeting you in sharing my teachings, love and blessings Mary Amato


Sorry, we do not have access for wheelchairs.

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