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PLEASE READ BEFORE JOINING. I am a guitarist that is looking for intermediate/advanced musicians who can sight read and improvise in the Latin/Brazilian jazz, Funk, Jazz and Salsa genres. In addition, these musicians should have a significant amount of experience reading charts in a big band or other setting. Initially, we will play Latin/Brazilian Jazz arrangements followed by instrumental funk arrangements, some Jazz Arrangements and ultimately Salsa.

The musicians that I have played with and will participate in this meeting all have BAs or MAs in Music. While a degree is not a requirement, it tends to be the primary setting where musicians are initially exposed and fine tune their ability to read charts. My role in this meetup is one of conductor assisting the musicians in the interpretation of the music more than instructor. I assume that each player has the minimum requisite musical background to execute the written parts and improvise as needed. While I would be happy to assist when necessary to tackle a particularly harmonically challenging progression for improvisation, that is a byproduct of this meetup and not primary objective.

I need musicians for the following instruments: piano, bass, drums, 2 trumpets, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trombone. I have recruited a couple of musicians from my current musical network that are interested in participating. However, I am looking for additional musicians for all listed instruments.

Unlike many other pay-to play ensembles, the repertoire of this workshop is unique and will challenge musicians across a variety of musical styles. In addition, the cost is low ($20 per session) and required to cover rehearsal related expenses.

My reason for creating this workshop is to provide a forum for me and other like-minded musicians to play a unique, diversified repertoire that would inspire and challenge all participants. The music had to be good and distinctive enough to compel musicians to put in the time and effort to professionally execute and interpret this challenging material.

The arrangements we will play in the workshop will be across a variety of styles including Latin/Brazilian jazz, Funk, Jazz and ultimately Salsa genres. I currently have transcribed arrangements for music from Roy Hargrove, Bobby Paunetto, Mongo Santamaría and Cold Blood as well as some of my original tunes.

I will be booking a rehearsal studio probably in NYC depending on where the participating musicians live. I would also consider a studio in the Bronx or lower Westchester County.

Before asking to join the meetup, please listen to the recordings of the tunes I have arranged in addition to mp3 files of 2 of my original compositions. You can find them at the link below.


This will allow you self-asses if you enjoy the music and feel you could flourish in this musical environment.

Thank you.

Carlos E. Pozo, Jr.

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