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Workshop: Web Development with Ruby on Rails

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No one use Rails because of application speed. They use Rails because of development speed.

Have you ever heard about Ruby? Or about Rails? If yes - then you will definitely love to try them at this event.
So, let's create a complex Rails application!

Summary of content:

• getting familiar with Ruby

• explore Rails - application structure, essential parts, tools and conventions

• getting familiar with different Ruby gems, how can they extend our app with essential functionality, such as - authentication, admin panel, bootstrap and etc

• looking into how we can build REST JSON API's with Rails

Main workshop goal - explore web development world with Rails, through practice.


• familiar with any OOP language

• familiar with Web development basics - html, css, javascript.

More info:
Ruby( - dynamic language with elegant syntax, focused on development simplicity and productivity.
Rails( - powerful framework, for rapid web development, focused on conventions over configurations.

Note: The event host will speak in Russian