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AVR, PIC, ARM - those words might be unfamiliar to you, or quite the contrary - your night lamp is controlled by Arduino based DIY - you're equally welcome to join our microcontroller's inspired event.

We'll start by looking into basics of easy-to-start kits like Arduino, following with low-level C programming similar to what real Pro-s do. Sorry, but no ASM this time :P

(Yet I have an embedded Python [GPS+GSM] module for your amusement)

We'll be using chip datasheets ( to make sense out of pins, registers, and voltages. Some intro about what fuses, timers, interrupts, USART, SPI, I²C, DAC and ADC, oscillator, watchdog, BOR, EEPROM, CCP and PWM, hardware stack, GPIO, ICSP, etc. are - is also planned.

Bring a laptop and/or your favorite board with you, together with the tools.
Inviting an unsuspicious friend will result in +1 to you karma.