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Doctors have known for generations that laughter really is the best medicine. Did you know that 80 muscles are used during a good laugh and that it increases oxygen levels in your blood? Did you know that a good hearty laugh can reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and even ease chronic pain? Did you know that the average child laughs an average of 400 times a day and yet the average adult only laughs an average of 17 times? It's time to rediscover your inner child and laugh your way to wellness. That's what this group is about. It's formed by folks who don't believe that the answer to everyone's problems can be found at a pharmacy. Please join us for the perfect prescription to the stress and anxiety that many folks are feeling these days. Each month, we'll practice laughing--and do whatever it takes to have everyone doubled-over in laughter. If you're feeling down and just need a good laugh, this group is for you!

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Blue Mesa Grill Addison

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