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What we’re about

Our purpose is to strengthen our spirits and keep our immune system strong and healthy.

Learn how to raise your enerchi with a movement meditation that will energize you and get your oxytocin pumping and endorphins flowing.  Expand your force field and learn easy peasy techniques to keep calm and peacefull in this time of craziness.

What? Laughter Yoga ("LY") is a movement meditation combining laughter and yogic breathing (no yoga poses), to help oxygenate your body and brain.  This makes us feel healthy and energetic.  We bolster our immune system and helps reduce our stress and anxiety and blood pressure.

Who? Everyone in this time of pandemic can use immune system strengthening and low impact exercise for greater overall well being and peacefulness in our minds and hearts.

Why/How? * Good Mood/Pain Relief: Helps to change your mood within minutes by releasing certain "happy chemicals" called endorphins (which also reduce/eliminate chronic pain)

* Low Impact Cardio: Reduces physical, mental, and emotional stress 

* Health Benefits: Strengthened immune system preventing you from getting sick

Testimonials: LY has been recommended by Oprah, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, John Cleese & Dr. Andrew Weil. 

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