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Welcome to Laughter Yoga Club Manchester. This is a fully independent Laughter club, not-for-profit, non-political, non-religious, and non-competitive group where all are welcome regardless of gender, age, physical abilities, and social or economic backgrounds. Laughter Yoga is a deceptively simple, yet very powerful and potentially life-changing, form of exercise that anybody can do — anytime, anywhere. Its core premise is that your body can and knows how to laugh, regardless of what your mind has to say; Laughter Yoga is a body-mind approach to laughter, not something mind-body. The distinction is very important. Here you do not need to have a sense of humor, know jokes, or even be happy. Laughter Yoga invites you to fake it until it becomes real. A Laughter Yoga class is simple and playful. All you have to do is laugh. It frees up a lot of potential within you to relax and be more open to connect to yourself and to others.

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Laughter party: Laugh & play
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Hi all!! Please read below before to RSVP: We finally have come to an agreement with a pub landlord, to borrow one part of the pub for a Laughter Party! Yes, it will be loud!! Yes, it will be fun!! Yes, we will laugh and play but this time without the traditional Laughter Yoga exercises (but we will play, don't worry!!). We will sit comfortably and we will simply laugh and play very simple games. If you like to laugh, and you like going to the pub -THIS IS THE SESSION FOR YOU! To guarantee the success of this session, which is a bit different from the others, there will be some ground rules: 1-NO first-timers. Sorry about this but this session will be only for "experienced" members . You need to have attended at least two sessions with us; guests of "experienced"members are welcome even if first timers. 2-You can, of course, leave the room whilst the session is in progress, but expect a big laugh when you return :O) (well, you know what I mean)!! -Please limit the consumption of alcohol to one, max two beverages during the all session. This is NOT a drinking session, I strongly encourage to consume non-alcoholic drinks during the session and of course you can consume whatever you want after the session . -Having said that, at least one drink of any kind per person must be bought at the bar, as they offer us for free the use of a corner of their very characteristic pub to make a lot of noise! . -No food to be consumed during the session for obvious reasons. -This session is completely FREE (except the drink that must be bought at the bar prior the beginning of the session); there will be limited places so please RSVP as soon as you can. Any questions, please ask! Date and location tbc very soon. I guarantee, this is going to be fun, See you all soon, Maria x ps don't forget to follow us on Twitter @MCRLaughterYoga

Screening of "Laughology" the acclaimed documentary about why we laugh

*****DATE AND LOCATION TBC SOON!*** Hi all!! This time we will meet for the screening of the acclaimed documentary about why we laugh. "The first ever feature documentary about the subject, 'Laughology' is a screamingly funny groundbreaking odyssey into why we laugh and those who would stop us. When filmaker Albert Nerenberg realized he needed to lighten up after a family tragedy, he goes on a quest to find the cure for seriousness. What ensues is a journey to discover the meaning and power of laughter in a world that desperately needs a good laugh. The film also reveals shocking little known laughter phenomena including: Holy Laughter : Is where religious groups practice ecstatic forms of extreme laughter believing Jesus is laughing through them (JUST A QUICK REMINDER:MANCHESTER LAUGHTER YOGA MEET UP IS NON RELIGIOUS AND NON POLITICAL GROUP!!!) -Laughter Epidemics: are the history of mass induced laughter in 1962, the Country of Tanzania experienced tens of thousands of people laughing for no apparent reason. The "Laughing Epidemic" continued for months. Laughology travels to Tanzania and reveals the epidemic may never ended. Laughter parties (!!!!!) are new social events, that have spread across the world, where people just get together to laugh themselves silly. The Origins of Laughter Yoga demonstrates the phenomenon and shows why it is becoming one of the world's fastest growing health trends. Places will need to be confirmed through the meet up website. Looking forward to seeing you all!! Maria x

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