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The world needs more laughter! We all need to laugh more. Come join us for fun and laughs in a group setting, hosted by certified Laughter Leaders. Sessions are at no cost and open to the public. Please bring friends – all are welcome. People who attend laughter sessions report that they feel better afterwards and are glad that they came. This is a new kind of yoga that's catching on. It's quick, easy and anyone can participate. Unlike other yogas, it doesn't require a yoga mat, downward dog or any postures All you need is to breathe, stretch, and laugh. It's mainly about laughing - that's why it's called laughter yoga. For more details, you may want to check out our Pages Menu, where you can view Health Benefits of Laughter, Participants Comments and Video's.

For a Video on what "The Doctors" TV program had to say about laughter go to:



Find out why the whole world is laughing. Give laughter yoga a try. The worst that can happen is you have one heck of a great time.

View a video sample of a Laughter Yoga session with Arlene and Elsie


We wish you a Laughter filled day!

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