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Laughter Yoga online on zoom

Also available for private and corporate healthy team bonding laughter yoga sessions online on zoom or your preferred virtual platform.

Welcome to a less Stressed , Happier and Healthier You. We are a London based, Laughter and Meditation Wellbeing provider and offer Stress busting group wellness workshops and Therapeutic Laughter Yoga Training. Our services include Laughter Yoga, Meditation, Gong and Sound Meditation for individuals, groups, and businesses in London and throughout the U.K.

Currently offering laughter yoga services online including laughter yoga training courses, classes and workships.

We also run a community Meetup Group and Laughter Club. Our laughter classes/club meet around fortnightly on a Saturday morning in Archway. We love morning laughs which set us up for the entire day on a positive note :-) We also run our Laughter Yoga Training Academy in Angel and Islington.

We are a registered and official training provider of laughter yoga courses offering the certified 2 day laughter yoga leader training.

Meet Odette Kurland - Founder of Laughter Yoga Wellness London and London Gong runs the London Laughter Yoga Club.

Laughter Yoga Teacher and Leader, Laughter Skills Facilitator, Gibberish Coach, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master and Gong Meditation Facilitator

Our regular community Laughter Yoga Club offers a fabulous way to meet new people. Laughter is very social and on occassions we head off for a cuppa after Laughter Club.

If you are an individual wishing to join our laughter club, please subscribe to our London Laughter Club mailing list (http://laughteryogawellness.co.uk/laughter-yoga-club-london/) to be kept in the loop of future events.

Laughter Yoga Health Benefits (http://laughteryogawellness.co.uk/health-benefits/) are many, please click to see more.

We offer our services for both corporate (http://laughteryogawellness.co.uk/corporate-services/)and private groups. Laughter Yoga can help Improve Business and Performance and is a fun yet effective offering for almost any group setting.

We offer discounts to Charities and Not for profit organisations. Contact us for a quotation for your group. We can create a unique workshop just for your group, fusing together various holistic stress busting tools.

Laughter Yoga Club in London (Archway ) https://laughter-yoga-london.wixsite.com/laughter-club-london

Laughter Yoga Wellness http://laughteryogawellness.co.uk (http://laughteryogawellness.co.uk/)

London Gong http://www.londongong.co.uk/

Laughter Yoga Training Courses http://laughteryogawellness.co.uk/laughter-yoga-leader-training/

Laughter Yoga Leader Training with Laughter Yoga Training Academy http://www.londongong.co.uk/events/

“A playful path is the shortest road to happiness.”-

Bernard de Koven

"Fun is a spiritual thing. It is often a healing thing. It changes our perspective: on ourselves, our bodies, our relationships, our community. It changes our energy, our mood, our worldview. It brings us moments of happiness, of peace, freedom. It frees us even from ourselves.

- Bernard De Koven


“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”― Victor Borge

Here is what you can gain in the long term

bring back the joie de vivre ,relax mentally and physically , improve self-esteem, reduce stress, help to deal with social anxiety, put positive psychology into practice, gain sense of humour, relate to yourself and others in a playful way , help with self-acceptance & self-love, build self confidence, ease anxiety and depression, improve social and communication skills, quickest way to happiness, feel more positive and optimistic, improve emotional resilience, be in the flow, improve your memory, help you to be joyful & present , help you to accept the moment now, the more you laugh, the more you can laugh, the easier you can laugh, it gets easier to help others to laugh, research shows that good humor and laughter may reduce stress and the impact of stress on the body,reduce loneliness and increase bonding with others, improve quality of life, even for people coping with cancer or chronic disease, build resilience, increase you immunity & your body's ability to fight infection, improve pain tolerance ….


Here is Prof. Sophie Scott on 'Why we laugh' at recent TED talk


“Sometimes crying or laughing are the only options left, and laughing feels better right now.” ― Veronica Roth, Divergent


Laughter fills your lungs and body with oxygen, deep-clears your breathing passages and exercises your lungs. You can breath far more easily after a laughter session, it opens the sinuses. This is really important for people who don't get regular aerobic exercise.

"If we're destroying our trees and destroying our environment and hurting animals and hurting one another and all that stuff, there's got to be a very powerful energy to fight that. I think we need more love in the world. We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that."

Ellen DeGeneres

"When you are playful, when you are feeling, being playful, you are walking a playful path. When you are having fun, when you are graceful, when you are in harmony with your self in the world, when you feel alive, when you are delighted and delightful, surprised and surprising, loving, caring; you are dancing on a playful path.

When you are playing, when you are at play, in play,when you are fully playing, when you are playing playfully, you are creating a playful path.When you stop playing, stop being playful, when you become inflexible,unresponsive, insensitive, humorless, fearful, frenzied, you are on some other path entirely.

"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter". e. e. cummings


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Laughter yoga and meditation online with Zoom

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Certified online laughter yoga training

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