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Own Your Business Like a Boss - Launch School w/ Katherine Koroll

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1460 Chevrier Blvd. · Winnipeg, MB

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Southside Winnipeg on Chevrier Blvd, Between Pembina and Waverley. Park in Launch Coworking Reserved, unmarked spaces, on the sides, or on the East Side of Weston Bakery (across the street). Go up the stairs.

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Here’s the deal: All the business strategies, Facebook ads, and marketing in the galaxy won't help your business thrive if you lack the confidence and conviction to own the thing you do like a boss.

It's just how it is. People can smell uncertainty and wobbly beliefs a mile away.

The magic happens (clients hire you, refer you, come back for more help from you) when you show up with an unshakeable belief that what you do provides value to the people you serve.

This is the critical piece of the business-building puzzle that will make us or break us: Our confidence in our ability to believe in ourselves and sell our value.

In other words, you need to sell yourself on yourself.

What we’re talking about is a simple, truthful belief in yourself (not being a cocky ego-maniac).

And this is exactly what Katherine does. She helps people believe they’re good enough to do the thing they're doing - just plain enough. That's huge.

It's the foundation for everything.


Anyone who says things like this (real quotes from real people):

“My business idea isn’t big/good/original/cool enough"

"It's really hard for me to ask people to pay me."

"I hate talking about myself."

“I don’t know enough yet to do my work and charge money for it"

“I’m too shy/introverted/disorganized to sell myself.”

"Who am I to do/say/be this?”


You're an entrepreneur, consultant, or free-lancer and you KNOW you're good at what you do but you're afraid to ask for the big dolla’ because "It's a nonprofit" or "I don't want people to have credit card debt.”

You've got this, but a voice in your head says “But FIRST, you should take this class, get this certification, network more, go to Toastmasters, read this book, etc…"

You're the one in every meeting who has great ideas you never share because you’re too afraid.

Here’s the bottom line: You say you want to make a difference with the work you do? Get out there and own your value like a f*****g boss.

Katherine will bring her fun vibe, smarts, sass, and straight-up coaching brilliance to this month’s Launch School to remind you of YOU.

WHEN: Tuesday January 29th,[masked]:30-8:30pm

WHERE: Launch Coworking Space

TICKETS: Get tickets on Eventbrite:

OR bring $10 Cash at the door.


Why not commit to yourself that 2019 will be the year you find the courage to show up, be seen and SHINE. Sign up right now and get Katherine's magic sauce in the next Launch School.