What we're about

This group is for anyone interested in exploring meditation and energy healing practices that can transform your life, focus your mind and free your heart. Innovative meditation topics combine with energy healing practices to yield amazing results for participants.

Expand your mind, increase your focus, let go of negative emotions from your past, build your resilience, develop your dream life, engage in the creation of your dreams, solve a key work problem, increase your acceptance, improve your self-love... all through guided MEDITATIONS.

Let me lead you on a journey of creation, of letting go, of resolving issues, of increasing your intellectual capacity for greatness. Harness your most valuable resource, your own mind to focus and achieve your dreams. I will list events where I lead guided meditations that achieve these goals.

My Specialities
Many people seek me out to help with recovery from narcissistic abuse. This is a speciality due to personal experience and healing myself via energy work of the remnants of negative treatment from narcissists. I also specialize in the heart - heart healing, clearing the heart, preparing for the next love or deepening existing relationships. I love the heart, and it is a strength in my work. I help people overcome many traumas via energy work, these are just two strong areas.

I travel between Malibu, New Orleans, and Honolulu. If you live outside my current area, I will be back, so it is best to stay a member here. I will return! Thanks Laura :)

Please reach out with any questions. Laura

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