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Qigong at the Lake
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Laurel Lakes

8300 Mulberry St · Laurel, MD


What we're about

Are you interested in learning more about Qigong energy healing? This group is for promoting health and wellness through an ancient practice called QiGong. What is Qigong? Qigong focuses on improving physical health and wellness. It opens the energy flow within the body by eliminating blockages. The intent is to balance the body by opening the energetic pathways (meridians). This is accomplished by a series of gentle movements synchronized with the breath. This form of Qigong can be safely practiced by the beginner, with limited movement, to the most advanced student. It benefits all students and aides them in moving forward no matter what their prior experiences. Each class is started with a set of Opening Moves to allow the body structure to open in all directions. Next, we move through the Qigong movements. These movements focus on Energy passing through specific pathways (or meridians). The class ends with a closing Qigong form that integrates the mind-body-spirit to a more grounded state of well-being. Qigong is an excellent tool to acquire mind-body-spirit awareness. Its movements provide a path toward personal transformation. Each individual may have a different experience each time they practice the form. The goal is as they work toward balance of the Yin-Yang Qi they will notice improved health, increased energy and a greater awareness of life. What are the benefits? Qigong enhances immune function, reduces the ill effects of stress, prevents disease, calms the mind and emotions, lowers blood pressure, increases flexibility, cultivates energy, treats chronic pain, and improves sleep.

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