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The purpose of "Women in Digital Switzerland" is to bring together women working in digital in Switzerland, encourage thought leadership, networking, and sharing of best practices through discussion and presentations.  
Our meet-ups are a 'for the community, by the community' type of event.  Regular presentations are held by community members at no charge to attendees, topics are chosen by the volunteer speaker or the community and we all pitch into the "after the event" cocktail hour by bringing a homemade dish, appetizer, or something to drink. 
By becoming a paid member of Women in Digital Switzerland, you help contribute to the organization of city events, our larger annual event, and the operational costs of keeping up communication and our website. The yearly fee to become a member of WDS is 20 chf. You can register on our website https://womenindigitalswitzerland.com
Lastly, -- and we are asked this quite often! -- yes, men are welcome to join our meetups too! We welcome the support of all peers in our quest to raise the visibility of talented digital professionals across the country. 
We are currently holding meetings online, but when we meet in person, our schedule is the following:
Monthly Meetup schedule:

Geneva: 3rd Tuesday of the month.  
Lausanne: 4th Wednesday of the month
Basel: 1st Tuesday of the month

St. Gallen: 3rd Thursday of the month
Zurich: 1st Thursday of the month

Upcoming events (3)

Sustainability from Inception: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

EPFL Innovation Park

Join us for an inspiring evening on June 8th, from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM at EPFL Innovation Park, as we bring together a dynamic community of women entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. In partnership with Women in Digital and powered by Innosuisse, this event aims to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability by showcasing the remarkable journeys of women entrepreneurs who have embraced sustainability from the very beginning.

Discover the power of integrating sustainability early in entrepreneurial projects through a fireside chat. Our speakers, Anna Bory and Mine Uran will share their personal stories and insights on navigating the challenges, embracing success, and creating long-term impact as women entrepreneurs. Additionally, we are excited to have Christina Hertel, an expert in helping entrepreneurs build responsible businesses, who will bring her experience and knowledge in integrating sustainability into company DNA through her work with Levo Framework. Levo Framework provides a comprehensive suite of tools for assessing, monitoring, and continuously improving sustainability and impact, enabling businesses to embark on their sustainability journey without judgment.

Moderated by Brigid O'Donovan, this engaging discussion will empower you to become an innovative change-maker and drive sustainable change in your own ventures.
Don't miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, expand your network, and be part of a movement that is shaping a better future.
Networking apéro from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM sponsored by Innosuisse.

RSVP using this link to secure your spot --> https://share.hsforms.com/10e4N-yaxTM2i3ceZmUz7zA5l2ww

Key topics and learnings:

1. Unveiling the power of early sustainable innovation: Lessons from women entrepreneurs.
Discover the importance of integrating sustainability early in entrepreneurial projects and learn from the remarkable journeys of women entrepreneurs who have embraced sustainability from the very beginning. Gain valuable insights into the power of early sustainable innovation and its impact on business success.

2. Navigating challenges, embracing success: Personal journeys in sustainable entrepreneurship:
Join us as our speakers, Anna Bory and Mine Uran share their personal stories and experiences in navigating the challenges of sustainable entrepreneurship. Learn how they have overcome obstacles, embraced success, and made a lasting impact in their respective fields. Get inspired by their journeys and gain practical tips for your own entrepreneurial endeavours.

3. Integrating sustainability from inception: Strategies for long-term impact:
Learn from Christina Hertel, an expert in helping entrepreneurs build responsible businesses, as she shares her expertise on integrating sustainability into company DNA through her work with Levo Framework. Discover the comprehensive strategies and tools provided by Levo Framework for assessing, monitoring, and continuously improving sustainability and impact. Gain insights into how you can integrate sustainability from the very inception of your ventures and create long-term impact.

We look forward to welcoming you on June 8th at EPFL Innovation Park!

Digital Transformation Enabling the Biopharma of the Future: Virtual Event

How is digital transformation shaping the Biopharma industry? How is one of the most regulated industries in the world due to the complexity of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations driving digital transformation?

Join us online to understand more about the impact of digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry and how CSL is navigating through the digitalization journey in a way that complies with regulations. Our esteemed speakers from CSL Behring and CSL Vifor will share their personal career journeys, insights, and experiences, highlighting the unique opportunities and challenges of working at the forefront of digital transformation in the biopharma sector. From R&D, and Regulatory Affairs to workforce training, you will also gain valuable insights into the various career paths that exist in the digital biopharma landscape. Through short presentations, interactive discussions, and Q&A sessions, you'll have the chance to connect with CSL professionals who are leading the way in leveraging digital technologies to drive innovation in the biopharmaceutical industry.

(Computational) Biochemist by background, Tamara has been working at CSL Behring for the last 5 years as Global Regulatory Affairs (GRA) Manager within its Recombinant and Gene Therapy portfolio. She is deeply passionate about data-driven opportunities and modernizing RA by using digital technologies, to accelerate time to market and patients’ access to innovative therapies. She holds an MBA in Technology and Innovation Management, and has broad experience with digitalization initiatives across pharma industry leaders. Tamara is a keen supporter of women in STEM and Digital. She lectures and mentors on topics of RA Digital Transformation at Bern University of Applied Sciences.

Carmen holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from ETH Zürich. In her research, she analyzed genetic, proteomic, and lipidomic screens as well as using advanced image analysis such as single particle tracking. In industry, she transitioned into the digital transformation field focusing on R&D, where she is involved in data management and automation. Carmen believes digital transformation is key to providing the best support to patients in the future.

Barbara has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, spanning over 18 years, and has a proven track record of success in clinical study management, global medical affairs, product management and global pharmaceutical training. Additionally, she possesses excellent digital skills, including experience in developing blended training journey including e-learning and mobile learning tools, which highlights her ability to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape. Nowadays, she’s in charge of developing strategies, plans and approaches to develop CSL Vifor capabilities in marketing, sales and disease/product knowledge. Barbara is an effective change agent, able to work both independently and collaboratively to promote a positive and productive environment, making her an ideal choice for any event that requires an industry expert with extensive digital skills and a proven ability to drive change.

CSL Behring is a global biotechnology leader, driven by that same promise to save and improve lives. They offer the broadest range of quality plasma-derived and recombinant therapies in the industry. Sponsoring our activities and digital events.

Moderated by Dr. Andrea Rubik, seasoned marketer and founder of Resyfy. She has experience building brands and products, digital marketing, and business development, working with SaaS and tech companies. Andrea has devoted her career to supporting women and collaborating around advancing equality in tech, crafting initiatives to help women to revive their career valuables and reach the next level in their careers.

WDS is a community of modern leaders who leverage collaboration and elevate diversity to advance careers and create business opportunities in the Swiss digital economy. By leveraging the power of our community, Women in Digital Switzerland (WDS) advances careers, supports organizational transformation leaps, and creates business opportunities in the Swiss digital economy and beyond. Be part of the change. Become a member.

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