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I am starting this group to practice mindset of success. If you are someone who wants to enjoy more of life, this is a group for you. We are here to support each other and practice mindset for success. Each week we'll have different approaches to enhance our daily life.

Practice makes perfect and permanent; luckily with LOA, we can change our mindset this instant and move forward from where we are; anytime, any day, and any where!

By joining this group, the awareness of what we want and the wish to be successful is loudly announced. That will be step 1 of the game.

Step 2, as we know it; it's not our job. We ask and it's given.

Step 3, allowing is the key to manifestation of.... in our case success. If you can muster that mindset, you are already done.

Experts of LOA goes beyond to Step 4 and Step 5 etc.

My wish is to utilize our mindset regarding success in a practical way in our daily life. I find a support group, a group that learn and progress together will be more effective then one person trying to figure it out by themselves. Like the African Proverb said, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

I would like to share simple techniques that can be easily applied as well as understanding the process of our mindset and focusing our mind to something more positive. Like Abraham said, "words do not teach, personal experience does" That's why I decided to make this a paying workshop (starting from $40 for the time being) to incorporate the action portion and deepen the technique through practice and fine tuning!

Joining the group is free, everyone is welcome and free to comment or share anything on LOA you like. I personally like to be more interactive and get the hands in the mud type of sharing on LOA.

If you wish to participate in our practical yet fun Mindset to Success Workshop, please sign up soon as possible as I'm kind of being pushed to start this workshop from a non-physical point of interest. I am motivated by fun and the ones seeking for such interaction; otherwise I am a laid-back person who likes to go with the flow. The urge for this group is spontaneous yet playful. It is my intention to enjoy and have fun with anyone who is attracted to this information and willing to dedicate a part of their life for growth, boosting the understanding of LOA and meeting like-minded friends.

I certainly would love to discuss any topic outside the workshop with group members, time is something we all valued and I surely do honor the dedicated members who signed up for the Mindset to Success Workshop to really get in the game in LOA. My intent is of assistance and sharing what I learn but truly appreciate the ones who are commitment to be responsible for their own attraction.

A preview outline of the workshop:

Day 1: Defining success in our life, what does it mean to us! Understanding the importance of awareness!

Day 2: Setting intentions along with finding our success. How do I go about my day?

Day 3: Which end of the stick do I active and which stick should I go to for success?

Day 4: Surprise topic

Day 5: We made it! Graduation!

The dates are listed in the Event.

If you are interested in the event, sign up soon. My intention is constantly moving toward more fun and more pleasing activities. I have total faith and trust that we will find pleasure and peace on our journey; with practice it gets easier and less seriously playful.

General LOA Rules:

We are solely responsible for the vibration we attract.

We are responsible for our own mind, body and spirit.

We are the one responsible for our own happiness.

There's only attraction!

When we are aligned with source, we are invincible.

One who's aligned is more powerful than millions who's not.

Take action only when you are aligned.

Care about how you feel, it's our emotional guidance!

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