What we're about

Have you been searching for an effective way to create the life you desire and would love to live? Do you want to learn how to manifest your dreams and move through life with ease and joy? Then you've come to the right place.

In this group you'll learn methods and principals that, when put into practice, will keep you inspired as you co-create the rich, abundant and rewarding life you were born to live; deserve to live and is your innate right.

This group revolves around a practice referred to as "Scripting" which encompasses the Universal Laws, including the Law of Attraction. The practice was taught by Joyce Rennolds for decades and positively impacted countless lives. Though, Joyce is no longer with us and there's no substitue for her wisdom or energy, each class is powerful and dynamic, built on the energy of the people attending.

Each class begins with a short meditation to ground ourselves into the collective 'we space' we create and ends with another short one to stay grounded to move into the world for greater impact.

Attendees have the opportunity to introduce themselves, share their their intentions and aspirations and exchange contact information in the interest of forming supportive friendships and collaborations.

Meet ups are offered on a "love offering" basis. You may make offerings by cash, check or credit card. Proceeds are used for venues for events, online platforms and toward the expansion of the community. The idea is to support people to live lives they love, fulfilling their dreams; meaning the world will have happier people and the more happier people there are, the closer we get to creating Heaven on Earth!

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