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"Birds of a Feather Flock Together”

This proverb is a simple way of expressing the most profound truth; The Law of Attraction. Stated even more simply; 'like attracts like'. This is the categorization method of all entities in the universe. Birds can stand for anything and is not limited to animals such as mammals, reptiles, and man. Flock is a specific term for a particular group association and can be thought of as a metaphor for tribe, herd, gaggle or even politico assemblies. The flock is indeed more powerful than a single bird, more noticeable, more territorially possessive, more intimidating, more reassuring, and reinforcing of the individual member’s behavior. Feather is a metaphor for a classification system which establishes the character of the assemblage. Indeed this simple phrase is a metaphor for the Law of Attraction, "like attracts like", implicit with power for good or evil.

The above vignette expresses the nature of the Law of Attraction whose definition does not exist in a succinct 25 words or less statement.

This Meetup group is focused on attracting members that are interested in, and desire to study and practice, the principles of success in their lives. We are interested in sharing experiences, developing alliances, and studying these methods in both free-form social settings and more focused study sessions.

The Master Mind aspect draws upon another universal truth; two minds are more powerful than one. This can be liberally interpreted as the power of the Master Mind is directly proportional to the square of the number of minds participating. A Master Mind can be realized in a variety of ways depending on circumstances and goals.

The Law of Attraction Master Mind Meetup forms a Master Mind alliance for investigating and practicing the Law of Attraction.

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