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November Law of Attraction Discussion
November Topic: You Gotta Let It Go to Let It In What are you wanting to experience in your life that is just not happening for you? Or maybe you have a brand new or renewed desire and you're wanting to supercharge its manifestation. Either way, join us Thursday, September 13th to: 1. Better understand how you create your own reality through the Law of Attraction; 2. Identify what reality you are wanting to create; 3. Discover the resistant energy that may be slowing you down; 4. Let go of that resistant energy; 5. And increase the fun and shorten the journey to your desire. The cost of each meeting is $20. You may cash at the door or via PayPal or Google Pay. If you arrive after 7:00pm, please let yourself in and walk straight through the house to the back porch. About Law of Attraction NorthEast Raleigh Join us the second Thursday of every month to participate in leading edge, fun conversations about the Law of Attraction and how to leverage it in our day-to-day lives to experience more and more of what we want and less and less of what we do not want. Our conversations begin by introducing the subject of a particular aspect of the Law of Attraction or Deliberate Creation. As we talk and share about our personal triumphs and challenges, listen and learn about how to turn thoughts to things, we go where the conversation flows. From Beginners to Advanced LOA Practitioners, all benefit, and all add value to the whole. Included in our time together are meditations, exercises for shifting thoughts and vibrations (most are from Abraham Hicks), and rampages of appreciation. We end each evening with a vibration boosting activity that leaves us feeling giddy for days and really ramps up those manifesting juices. October Topic: To be determined at a later date. The cost of each meeting is $20. You may cash at the door or via PayPal or Google Pay. Tentative dates for future sessions are: December 13, 2018

Karin's House

3021 Quillin Court · Raleigh, NC


What we're about

"We get what we think about...whether we want it or not." (Abraham Hicks)

In other words, our thoughts create our reality, and there is INCREDIBLE power in knowing that we are the source of our own joy, our own abundance, our own life experience.

This is a group for anyone interested in learning about the Law of Attraction, the Law of Deliberate Creation, the Law of Allowing (and a few others) AND in how to apply these concepts in effective and exciting ways that truly help you create whatever you are wanting in, money, career, health, happiness...You are the creator. You decide what you are wanting, and together we'll help you manifest it.

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